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Tackle Shack is also one of the area’s largest trapping suppliers! We carry a great selection of gear and can special order almost anything you need!

Traps- Duke, Bridger, Sleepy Creek, Minnesota Brand, Z trap.  

Flake Wax- 10 lbs just $19.99

Cable Restraints- 285# and 350#

Super (Bullet) Stakes, Wolf Fang, HD Berkshire, and Rerod stakes

Large bags of Buckwheat hulls- 23 lbs for just $15.99!!!!

Trap Dye- logwood, speed dip, and Full Metal Jacket!

Swivels, J Hooks, S Hooks, Crunchproof swivels, double stake swivels, single stake swivels

Fox, Bobcat, and Coyote Urine

Great assortment of baits and lures!!! Over 100 to choose from!!

Baits and lures from all your favorite brands 

Truckload Coon Bait!

Lures from Hawbaker, Russ Carmen, Caven, Stropes, Fox Hollow, Milligan, Marsyada, Dobbins, Cronks, Reuwsaat, DOA, and more!