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Reports are updated semi-daily 

Current Fly Hatch Activity- Upper Pine Creek (Keystone Select west to Galeton)
Pine Creek Keystone Select Trout Waters- Darling Run to Owasee (DHALO regulations)

Current Water Temp (DHALO-Gaines Area)- 
USGS Gauge Pine Creek at Cedar Run-

11/12/18 Little to report lately.  Pine is still running a little high, but water clarity is good.  Anglers have been catching some trout on olive or black wooly buggers, various nymphs, and a variety of streamer patterns.  Lyman Run and Hamilton Lakes were both restocked last month and are fishing well too.  

10/15/18 A few anglers have been out in between the rain storms.  Pine is still running, but the color isn't bad.  With more rain on the way, it could dirty and rise again.  Still, the smaller tribs are in great shape and running clear.

9/27/18 Pine is still high and muddy at this time.  Most of the smaller tributaries are in great shape.  High for this time of the year, but running clear. 

9/19/18 Pine Creek is high and muddy after the last rain.  We will update again when conditions improve

8/27/18 Pine is at good levels.  Anglers have been doing well with smallmouth using small streamers, larger nymph patterns, and small poppers.

8/8/18 Pine is still slightly high, but it looked great near Ansonia.  Also, the Owassee Rd is open.  Anglers have been doing well with terrestrial patterns.  Hoppers and ants have been the hot patterns.  Try a hopper trailing a nymph for good results too.  Various streamers have been producing trout and smallmouth throughout much of upper Pine.

8/2/18 Pine is still up today and we have little to report.  Check the gauges for current water levels before venturing out.

7/26/18 More rain the past few days has  Pine and many of the larger tribs are blown out today.  Hopefully by the weekend we will have better conditions.  Water levels are dropping fast again.  Check the gauge above for current conditions.

7/23/18 Heavy rains brought Pine up again.  Water is high and muddy today.  Check the above gauge for current conditions.  It is dropping fast, but more rain is expected this week.

7/20/18 Cool nights have helped drop water temps some.  Early mornings and evenings have been best.  Waters are warming into the low to mid 70's during the peak of afternoon heat.

7/17/18 A quick but heavy rain muddied upper Pine.  Water levels did not come up much, but it will take a day or to clear.  More rain is expected tonight.  Much needed too!

7/16/18  Smallmouth fishing has been very good.  Trout are congregated in cooler holding water.  Terrestrials continue to make up most of the action.  We reccomend leaving the trout alone until the weather cools again.  Even catch and release fishing causes trout a lot of stress in warm weather.  Target smallies or hit one of the local lakes for some great warm water action!  Smaller tributaries to Pine are also in good shape and have cooler water too.

7/8/18 Recent Rains have cooled upper pine to the high 60's and low 70's.  Water levels are great for wading right now.  small BWOs, caddis, yellow sallies, and terrestrials are on the water.  Mornings and evenings, outside of the peak heat, are best to fish.  Smallmouth are biting well too. 

7/3/18  No new updates.  Pine continues to be very low.  We need rain!

6/29/18 Despite some rain this week, Pine is still very low.  Trout are packed into the feeder streams and deeper holes and conditions won't improve with temps in the 90's moving into the region.  Slates, cahills, and terrestrials are on the water, however we suggest leaving the fish alone till better conditions return.  Warm water is very stressful on the trout, even if you practice catch and release.  The smaller mountain streams are still hold, but also low, and can be fun to target.  Or, consider fishing for smallmouth on Pine.  Pine is an excellent smallmouth fishery and they will bite a variety of streamers, small poppers, and even larger terrestrial patterns.  Rockbass, sunfish, and fallfish are also plentiful and fun to catch.  

6/20/18 Pine Creek is very low and warming.  Trout are starting to stack up in feeder streams and its best to leave them alone until better conditions return.  Hopefully cool nights and rain this weekend will help.  

6/15/18 Good dry fly action continues on Pine.  Slate drakes & BWOs have been working best.  subsurface slate drake nymphs, zug bugs, and baetis patterns are working

6/11/18 BWOs, Sulphurs, and Slate drakes are all working.  Pine came up only a little with yesterday's rain.  Good fishing continues throughout upper Pine.  Get out and enjoy it!

6/8/18 Great fishing continues!  Water levels are perfect and the fish are biting!  Nymphing with green drake nymphs has been very effective.  On the surface, drakes, march browns, Adams, sulphurs, BWOs, rusty spinners, and Isonychia patterns are all working.  Good luck this weekend!

6/5/18 Pine looks PERFECT right now and surface activity has been very good!  You'll need a variety of flies to match the hatches this week.  March Browns, caddis, and various stone patterns are working during the day.  Mid afternoon to evening, sulphurs, green drakes, bwos, and various caddis patterns are working.  Expect good hatches of green drakes all week. Brown drakes shouldn't be too far behind.

5/25/18 Pine is still high, but clearing.   Gaines to Galeton is in high, but fishable shape.  The Keystone select section is high and off color.  Without more rain, we should have good conditions by Sunday.  Most of the smaller tribs are fishing well and have better water conditions.  Anglers did very well on Stony Fork, Asaph, and Long Run yesterday.

5/22/18 Water levels are rising again on Pine with about a 1/2 inch of rain falling so far.  Expect dirty water these next few days.  Prior to the rain, anglers did very well with green caddis patterns in the mid morning to mid afternoon.  March browns Dun patterns also produced.  We will update again in a few days.  Check back!

5/18 FYI- from the Tioga State Forest Facebook Page

"Owassee Road Closed in the Tioga State Forest

Wellsboro, PA – Due to a recent landslide, the Owassee Road in Shippen Township, Tioga State Forest, Tioga County, PA will be closed to vehicular traffic until further notice."

5/16/18 Pine is coming back down.  Without much significant rain, upper Pine Creek should be high, but fishable for the weekend.

5/14/18 Heavy rains over the weekend has Pine high  and muddy.  Check back for updates later this week. Prior to the rain, fishing was excellent.  We excpect great fishing again as soon as it calms down.  Try the smaller streams these next few days.

5/9/18 Heavy hatches continue on upper Pine.  Hendricksons, Blue Quills, caddis, and sporadic March Browns are on the water.  Be sure to have some rusty spinners in your box.  

5/3/18 Heavy caddis hatches today!  Hendrickson spinners were also on the water.  A few anglers reported seeing March Browns and BWO's.  Water temps and levels are great for fishing right now

4/30/18 It's going to be a great week on Pine!  Fish are starting to look up.  Hendricksons and caddis are hatching in decent numbers.  Mid morning to mid afternoon has been the best bite.  We should see improved hatches this week with warm weather coming in.  Blue Quills, Quill Gordons, and March browns soon!

4/27/18 Caddis hatches were heavier these past few days.  Sporadic Hendrickson hatches are coming off too.  Surface activity has been minimal still, but anglers saw a few rising fish.  Pine is at good levels right now.

4/23/18 (PM)  Stopped at Pine Creek for a little bit tonight below the Keystone Select section. Pine is still up some, but water clarity is good, and it is fishable. Just be careful wading. A few anglers were fishing through the Keystone stretch. Water temp was about 50 degrees. Some very small caddis and various midges were hatching. We talked to some anglers earlier in the day at the shop and they noted good numbers of brown and black stoneflies too. Some rain is in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon, but most of the rest of the week looks great for some fishing.

4/23/18 (AM) Little black and brown stoneflies continue to be seen.  Anglers saw good hatches of them on the upper stretches near Galeton over the weekend.  Pine is still up some, but water clarity has improved greatly.  A few anglers did well nymphing and throwing streamers.  A few rising fish were seen sporadically in some of the slower pools too.  With the current forecast, we should see great fishing coming this week!

4/20/18- Pine Creek is still high.  Water is clearing, especially in the upper stretches around Gaines/Galeton.  Conditions should improve by Sunday.  Until then, enjoy some small stream fishing.  Stonyfork, Asaph Run, and others are heavily stocked and in better shape.  Or, try many of the smaller wild and native trout waters.

4/17/18- Opening weekend was great, but heavy rains the past few days has Pine blown out and muddy.  Hopefully things return to normal before the weekend.

4/11/18- Little to add from last week. Pine is a nice green color right now and it should be a beautiful weekend for the trout season opener.  Good luck everyone!

4/3/18 Water levels are better after rains this weekend.  Stoneflies are still hatching.  Anglers are finding a few rising fish these past few days and they are catching them using size 14 or 16 stonefly patterns.  Subsurface, smaller streamer patterns and various nymphs are working.  Squirmy wormies and mop flies continue to be a favorite.  Remember, only the Keystone Select DHALO section is open to fishing right now on Upper Pine.

Derek Nybeck with a nice rainbow from last week in the Keystone Select section. 

Pine Creek Keystone Select Rainbow Trout


3/19/18 Pine is low and very clear.  Little black stoneflies are hatching in good numbers.  Water temps are still down in the low to mid 40's.  The DHALO section has been reclassified to 'Keystone Select' this year.  This still falls under DHALO regulation (artificial lures only, open to year round fishing).  The number of big fish stocked this past Friday was truly impressive!  Huge rainbows, big beautiful browns, and plenty of 'average' catchable size trout.  

"The Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters program provides anglers with an exciting opportunity to fish for larger trout."

Learn more here-…

Pine Creek Keystone Select Trout Fishing Regulation

3/1/18 Pine Creek is high and off color.  More rain and snow is on the way this weekend.  

2/22/18 Spring is just around the corner!  Few people are out fishing still and water levels have been high most of the week.  Little black stones are starting to show up.  It's time to start getting ready for some trout fishing!

1/9/18 The majority of Upper Pine Creek is frozen solid.  Warmer weather this week might open some of it up, but as of right now, Pine is not fishable.

11/30/17 Streamers and sculpin patterns have been the ticket lately.  Olive and black patterns have been best.

10/30/17 Heavy Rains these past few days have blown out Pine Creek.  Use extreme caution if you get out. See above gauge for current levels. 

10/4/17 Water levels are still way low, but temps have dropped to back into the low 60's.  Good hatches of caddis came off these last few days.  A large, October (brownish colored) caddis, and a small size 16 tan/light brown caddis have been coming off.  Hoppers and ant patterns are also working.

Pine Creek size 16 caddis October

9/20/17 Warm weather this week has pushed temps back into the 70's.  We fished the DHALO yesterday for smallmouth and caught them using zonker and bugger patterns.  Pine is low and very clear.  A few caddis were in the air.  Fallfish were sipping terrestrials off the surface in a few spots.  We need some rain!

9/16/17 Water temps are dropping back in the low 60's which has helped push the trout out of the feeder creeks and back into the creek.  We could definitely use some more rain.  Pine and its tribs are all low right now.

8/21/17 Little to report on Pine these past few weeks.  The water is still low, but temps are coming back down.  Hopefully by labor day, we'll see more trout fishing activity!  September/October are always great months for fishing!

7/19/17 Heat this week has slowed down the trout fishing.  Slate Drakes, Cahills, and various terrestrial insects are hatching.  Smallmouth are being caught on streamer patterns, small poppers, and larger nymphs too.  

7/7/17 No change in reports.  Water temperatures are starting to climb into the 70s.  Mornings and evenings have been best with cooler temperatures.  Warmer water stresses trout, even when released.  Continued rain showers and cooler nights should help keep things going a bit longer, but as water warms, it is best to target other species.  Smallies are a blast on the fly and plentiful throughout Pine Creek.

6/30/17 Good hatches of sulphurs, cahills, and bwos.  Lots of rising fish mid morning and again in the evening.

6/25/17 Got out on Pine Creek last night below the DHALO and found some hungry fish. The water is up slightly, mostly clear, and around 68-69 degrees as of about 8PM. Sulphurs, Slate Drakes, caddis, and a few big stones were on the water. 

6/19/17 Pine continues to fish well.  size 16 sulphurs, size 18 BWOs, rusty spinners, and slate drakes are all producing fish.  Subsurface, sulphur hymphs, pheasant tails, isonychia, mop flies, and various other patterns are working well.  We did get quite a bit of rain today.  expect a little color in the water for the next day or two.

6/13/17 Renee and I hit Pine in Gaines area last night.  Again, lots of rising fish.  Hatches were light, but the fish were active.  We got them on top using slate drakes, sulphur emergers, and rusty spinners

6/12/17 GREAT hatches and LOTS of rising fish on Upper Pine Creek!! Anglers are doing well on slate drakes, cahills, and sulphurs.  rusty and creme colored spinners are working well just before dark too.  Get out and enjoy it! 

6/10/17 Another good couple nights of fishing.  Anglers are doing well on sulphurs, cahills, and bwos.  Emerger patterns have been particularly effective.  Before dark, cream or rusty spinners have been the ticket. Cahills in size 12, sulphurs/bwos in 16's.  

6/7/17 A little rain again yesterday is keeping Pine up a little.  Water clarity is still good.  Sulphurs, Cahills, and BWOs have been yielding the best action.  Anglers saw a few coffin flies still last night and caught fish on them.  Some brown drakes on the water as well. Evening has been best.

6/5/17 Pine Creek is in great shape right now.  slightly up, but water clarity is very good.  Recent rains have kept the temperatures down too.  A good sulphur hatch with sporadic cahills came off last night in the DHALO.  Drakes are winding down in this area, but they are seeing a few spinners still in the evening.  Be sure you have some rusty and cream spinners in your box for the evening spinner fall.  Action has been good for many from 6PM-dark.  

5/31/17 Pine colored up with yesterdays rain.  Above Marsh looks better.  It should clear up by tomorrow.  Sulphurs, March Browns, BWOs, and Green Drakes have been working.  With the water coming up some yesterday, streamers were popular in the afternoon.  

5/25/17  A little rain today, but when it stopped, the green drakes started!!  Not huge numbers, but enough to get the fish interested.  Try a green drake wiggle nymph or emerger pattern.  Size 16 BWOs and Size 14 Sulphurs produced fish today too.

Pine Creek Green Drake 5 25 17

5/24/17 Quite an assortment of bugs this week.  March Browns, BWOs, Sulphurs, Cahills, caddis.  Sporadic Green & Brown drakes.

5/19/17 Good reports of March Browns, BWO's, and caddis last night in Gaines area.  Should be a great week on the water.  Get out and enjoy it!!

5/18/17 A number of caddis and a handful of March browns have made up most of the hatches this week.  afternoons and evenigns have fished best for most people.  nymphs and streamers are producing well.  olive, brown, and black wooly buggers have been particularly popular.  Apple Caddis patterns have worked well on the surface.  Sulphurs, BWO's should be happening any day now too!  March browns are in full swing on the lower parts of pine.  

5/14/17 Forunately, we have missed most of the rain and water levels are looking very good right now.  Clarity is also very good.  Most fish are being caught subsurface.  March brown nymphs, sulphur nymphs, caddis pupa, worm patterns, and prince nymphs were all popular.  our UV patterns continue to be a hit again this year too.  These next few days, water temps should start rising again and with that, dry fly action should improve.  Anglers have been seeing some flies in the air, but little topwater action.

5/10/17 Again, better water levels today.  We stopped by a small feeder stream last night and saw good  numbers of caddis, midges and rusty spinners in the air.  water clarity on Pine was much better.  A few more dry, warmer days, and fishing should be great for the weekend!!

5/9/17 Pine is coming down still.  Water clarity has improved a lot.  A few anglers noted that there were some fish rising to a caddis hatch tight to the banks.  Streamers have been the ticket for most fishermen though.  By the weekend, water levels should be closer to normal.

5/8/17 Pine has come down about 2 feet since Saturday.  It is still very high and muddy.  With dry weather in the forecast this week, things should improve by next weekend.  Keep checking back for updates!

5/6/17 Pine Creek is blown out again and still rising.  Be safe out there folks.  With more rain in the forecast, it will be a little while until conditions improve.  Click the above link for current USGS date.  Gauge height of 2.5 is considered good fishable conditions by many anglers.  As you'll see, we are WAY above that right now.  

5/4/17 Good numbers of caddis are still on the stream.  Cold temps these last few days have cooled Pine down a few degrees.  

5/1/17 Pine Looks great and the fish are biting!  Good numbers of rising trout late morning into the afternoon.  Hendricksons, Blue Quills, Apple Caddis, yellow stones, and tan caddis have been hatching.  A few March Browns have been seen.  We expect to see bigger hatches of them soon.  Water levels and clarity are good.

4/24/17 A few anglers have been doing well on streamers from Gaines west on Pine Creek.  Water levels remain up, but clarity is good.

4/21/17 Heavy Rains over night have blown out Pine Creek and most of the local streams.  It will be a few days before things return to good levels again. 

4/18/17 Numerous anglers reported excellent hatches on Pine yesterday and plenty of rising trout.  Blue Quills, Hendricksons, Quill Gordons, and lots of caddis were on the water.  Dry and emerger patterns worked well


4/16/17 Opening day was a success for many anglers.  Quill Gordons, caddis, and a few BWOs were on Pine.  Anglers caught fish on a variety of patterns.  Wooly buggers, mop flies, and early stonefly patterns were particularly popular. 

4/12/17 Good weather has Pine looking great for opening day.  Anglers reported seeing a few caddis and stoneflies, but no significant hatches on Upper Pine.  With continued warm weather, we should see the first major spring hatches soon!  Hendricksons, Quill Gordons, Blue Quills...all coming soon!  Stock up on your favorite fly patterns.

4/2/17 Pine Creek is blown out.  LOTS of rain these past few days.  It will be a couple days until it comes back down to fishable levels.  Be safe out there.

3/30/17 Little black stones are still hatching on Pine Creek.  Anglers noted a few rising trout in the DHALO, but most of the action was subsurface with nymphs and streamers.

2/22/17 The little black stones are starting to hatch on Pine Creek.  Anglers have been catching fish on streamers, midges, and various nymphs lately too. 

Pine Creek stonefly fly fishing

1/10/17 Bitter cold has Pine starting to freeze.  Temps later in the week could open it back up, especially with a little rain.  

1/7/17 Happy New Year everyone!  Pine is still open with very little ice.  Anglers have been catching fish on upper Pine Creek.  Center town lake in Galeton has fished well too and as of yesterday was still completely ice free.  Good luck out there!

12/13 Very few fishermen out.  I don't expect many more updates until spring.  Keep an eye out for ice fishing reports though!

11/18 No changes.  streamers have been working for trout.

11/12 Pine Creek is at great levels!  Subsurface patterns have been best.  Nymphing with caddis pupa and worm patterns has produced fish.  Streamers are also working.  Few people are fishing, so there's lots of open water for you to enjoy!

11/2 After a second spat of heavy rains, Pine is back to fishable levels.  Few people are fishing upper pine, but those that are, are catching them on streamers and nymphs.  If you're looking for a change of scenery, check out Hamilton or Lyman Lakes.  Both were restocked early this month and anglers have been having a great time catching them.  Attractor or terrestrial patterns on the surface and various streamers are working.  Good luck out there!

10/26 Pine Creek is back down to fishable levels.  Temps in the low 50's.

10/22 Pine is blown out after heavy rains these past few days.  See above gauge for some reference.  It will be a few days till Pine is back to fishable levels again.

10/5 A large tan caddis and some stoneflies were hatching these past few days.  Subsurface action has been best still.  One angler reported catching a few browns on a topwater mouse pattern after dark too!  Various streamers are working too, including olive wooly buggers, black wooly buggers, and black nosed dace.

October caddis pine creek


9/29 Water temps continue to hold in the low to mid 60s in most of upper Pine.   Rain today, and shortening days should help keep temps down.  Water levels have not improved much.  Anglers are seeing caddis and various terrestrials on the surface.  Fallfish, smallmouth, and some trout are being caught on streamers and nymphs.  Surface activity has been minimal.

9/19 Water temps have dropped back to the low to mid 60's and the trout have been pretty active!  Water levels are still awful, but we did get about an inch of rain last night.  We need 4 or 5 more nights of that though to make a big difference.  Anglers are seeing a few caddis and terrestrials on the water and trout eagily took nymph and streamer patterns.  Fall fishing is finally here! Get out and enjoy it!

9/8 No change in reports this week.

9/1 Pine has dropped to a trickle once again.  Temperatures are improving though.  Again, we should see favorable temps to fish trout in the next couple weeks.  Smallmouth have been very active this past week.  Craw and sculpin patterns are working very well!  The confluence of Marsh Creek has been a popular spot.  Most any of the deeper holes and runs are holding good numbers of smallmouth.

8/24 Chilly nights are helping water temps drop.  It is still on the upper end of 'tolerable' for trout, but with more cooler weather coming, we should see Pine return to favorable conditions soon.  Anglers are seeing a few rising fish and some have moved away from the coldwater tributaries.  The long term forecast looks good to drop temps into the mid 60's after Labor Day.

8/17 Water levels are nearing August norms.  Smallmouth action continues to be good.  Try a clouser minnow, wooly bugger, or crayfish pattern.  Anglers did well this week between the confluence of Marsh Creek and the Rexford bridge.  A few anglers headed south to Slate and Cedar Run and found  better water temperatures and hungry trout. 

8/10 Some rain this morning and last night.  Not enough to help.  If you're itching to hit some fish on the fly, check out any of the local lakes!  Every evening the panfish have been very active.  Small poppers, terrestrial patterns, or attractor dries will all work.  

8/5 It's been a good week for catching smallmouth, rockbass, and fallfish!  Squirmy worms and San Juan worms worked well.  Anglers caught smallmouth on small Gaines poppers, and various small streamers.  No change in water levels.

8/1 Still no changes in the report, but rain this weekend helped bring water levels up slightly.  Hopefully August will be kinder to us.  

7/23 Smallmouth bite has been great through the canyon.  Small poppers sand streames are working well.  Water levels are continue to drop.  Many noted its 'lowest we've ever seen Pine.'  No relief in sight this week.  Anglers noted that hte fish are very line shy.  Early morning or evening has been best.  Use a flourocarbon leader to entice finicky fish.

7/17 We have finally had a few showers move through the area, but it has not been enough to help water levels at all.  No change in below reports.

7/12 Need rain............  Leave the trout alone until things improve.  Some of the smaller mountain streams are still cool enough to fish, though again, water levels are very poor.  

7/9Ants and beetles are starting to be more prevelant on the water.  Rain last night did not help water levels at all.  No changes from below reports.

7/1 Water levels continue to drop on Pine Creek.  Trout are packing into colder water refuges in many areas.  We need rain badly.  I would strongly suggest leaving them alone until conditions improve.  However, a few anglers have targetted them on Upper Pine using various streamers and nymphs late in the evenings and into the night, after things cool down some.  Rain again bypassed us this week.  Target smallmouth or even rockbass if you want to fish Pine.  There's plenty of them to catch and unlike the trout, they're loving the warmer conditions.

 6/26 Talked to a number of customers yesterday that fished Pine between Ansonia and Gaines.  BWOs and caddis patterns worked well.  Sizes 16-18.  Terrestrial patterns are also catching fish.  One group had good success on a black ant pattern.  Water levels continue to drop.  See above gauge at Cedar Run.  Pine is nearing all time lows.  A few anglers did well on the smallmouth using isonychia nymphs and small wooly buggers too.

6/24 Pine is extremely LOW.  Cool nights are helping keep temps in the low 70's, but continued heat threatens to push the trout into cooler water tributaries.  We need rain very badly.  Fly hatches continue to be the same as below.  BWOs, caddis, slate drakes., yellow sallies, cahills.  Remember though, warm water is tough on the trout and extra stress from fighting them can be lethal! Get them to the net as quick as you can and help revive them before release.  Personally, I won't be fishing for trout on Pine until conditions improve.  On the flip side, bass fishing is improving and the smallies are hungry on Pine and the other local waters!  Try a small streamer or crayfish pattern in the creeks, or head to the lakes and enjoy some topwater action with poppers and hair bugs.

6/19 Fished from about 8PM-9:30ish and caught a bunch of browns and fallfish just below the DHALO. A variety of bugs were in the air and I fooled them with a parachute BWO, a BWO emerger, an X-caddis, and a yellow sally. Saw some of these big stones hatching. Not many, but the fish didn't let them get very far without eating them! Pine is very low and crystal clear. I was surprised to see at least 2, possibly 3, different golden rainbows in this stretch too.

Good luck fishing! Happy Father's Day!

Pine Creek Golden Stone Fly


6/17 Fished Pine again last night below Owassee.  Water levels have not changed, however it did cool down just a little.  The water is still crystal clear and very low.  Hatches were light last night, but there was a handful of tan caddis, some slate drakes, some cahills, and various other bugs on the water.  Fish seemed to be keyed in on the caddis.  We got a few on a size 16 X-caddis. They did not seem interested in a standard elk hair caddis or similar high floating pattern. There were few fish rising, but those that were, were very aggressive, often leaping out of the water to take a fly.  

6/16 Finally, we got some much needed rain.  I have not been able to check Pine yet today, but according to the above gauge, it does not look like Pine Creek came up too much.  Anglers are catching fish on a variety of patterns still. Customers yesterday noted size 18, or smaller, BWO emergers were working well.  Others noted a continuation of  our last few reports.  Caddis, sulphurs, BWOs,, cahills, and slate drakes.  Subsurface, cahill nymphs, caddis pupa,  pheasant tails, sulphur nymphs, and various streamers are catching fish.

6/15 Fished below Owasee last night.  Pine is VERY LOW.  We need rain badly.  Bug activity was minimal, but  Light Cahills, caddis, a few stoneflies, and a few slate drake spinners were in the air.  Caught fish on a size 16 dark caddis pattern, a size 16 tan sparkle pupa, a size 12 light cahill dun, and a 12 rusty spinner.  

6/11 Addendum-  Customer was nice enough to inform us the BWO's were heavy this morning around 9 or 10 AM.  Action should be great again this evening.   Storms were expected today, but its almost noon and nothing has passed through.  The radar looks clear for the rest of the day too.  

6/11 We fished just below the DHALO last night and WOW are there a lot of bugs hatching.  Light Cahills, sulphurs, BWOs, a few different caddis, yellow sallies, and a number of other bugs were coming off.  Heavy pressure in the upper end of the DHALO.  the first few parking areas on the Owassee road were packed with fishermen.  Downstream farther, there were few people and plenty of rising fish.  We caught them on Cahill and Sulphur emergers.  I suspect a cahill or sulphur spinner would have also worked well.  The water is crystal clear and low, but temperatures have dropped back into the mid 60's.  Wildlife was very active and we saw a small bear and a number of deer.  Couldn't have asked for a nicer night.  Rain is expected today, and we  need it for sure.  Tomorrow, the forecast looks better.  Get out and enjoy some fishing!

Match the Hatch

Pine Creek BWO size 16 parachute  


2016 Pine Creek Fly Hatches 

          Size 14 Sulphur                                       Size 10 March Brown                           Size 16 Blue Winged Olive                        Slate Drake                                                    Size 16 Sulphur


Pine Creek Sulphur 5 25 16            Pine Creek March Brown 5 25 16      Pine Creek BWO  Pine Creek slate drake   pine Creek sulphur 5 29 16

           Light Cahill                                                            Green Drake

pine creek light cahill                  Pine Creek Green Drake