1st Annual Hammond Lake Ice Fishing Tournament | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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This year's event schedule for January 31, 2016 is CANCELLED due to unsafe ice conditions on Hammond Lake.  We will plan again for next year.


Hammond Lake Ice Fishing Tournament
Hosted by Tioga County Bass Anglers


DATE: Sunday, February 15th 7AM-2PM 2015
LOCATION: Campground Boat Launch-Hammond Lake, Tioga, PA
Bucket Check/Registration: 5AM-6:30AM.
Rules/Safety Meeting: 6:30-6:45AM
LAUNCH TIME: 7:00 am or Safe Light – WEIGH-IN: 2:00 pm
ENTRY FEE: $50.00 (Team Fee – $45.00 / Lunker Fee – $5.00)
PAYBACK: Team Fee 80% (1st $500 + 35%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 18%, 4th – 12%, 5th – 5%) Lunker Fee 100%
**Sign up the day of the tournament or preregister at Tackle Shack**

***All contestants will be entered to win a $200 Tackle Shack Gift Card

Tournament sponsored by Tackle Shack and Indigo Wireless



1. All decisions by tournament officials are final.
2. Pa Boat & Fish Commission rules must be followed.
3. Any un-sportsman like conduct toward another contestant or non-competitor will result is disqualification.
4. Twelve (12) fish limit.  This twelve fish limit may consist of perch, crappies (white or black), or sunfish.  The term sunfish shall include any species commonly referred to as bluegill, pumpkinseed, redbreast sunfish, and green sunfish.  A limit can include any combination of 12 fish.
5. Possession: Each team may possess no more than 25 fish at one time.
6. Each angler may fish with no more than two lines at a time, portable shelters are permitted. The two lines may be a rod/reel, a tip-up, jigstick, handline or other device legal for ice fishing according to state laws. All lines must be within three feet of each other and under immediate control of the person using them. If you are fishing two holes at the same time, the holes you are fishing may not be more than three feet apart.
7. Team partners must stay within 50 steps from one another from the time their team has passed inspection until their teams fish have been weighed. Teams or individuals may not fish closer than 10 feet from another person, except their team partner, spectators included
8. Weigh-in of a fish caught by another team will be cause for disqualification
9. Teams must return to the official tournament weigh-in line by 2:00 pm with all fish sorted and ready to be weighed. Lunker must be marked and ready to weigh.
10. All Anglers MUST be present for the rules and safety meeting
11. Live Bait is permitted
12.Fish must be kept alive in a five gallon bucket or similar container such as a cooler with water and without ice. No frozen fish. NO FROZEN,DEAD OR DISCOLORED FISH WILL BE ACCEPTED!
13. Any entrant who leaves dead or dying fish (regardless of species) on the ice,or on the property (including trash cans) that the tournament is being held on will result in disqualification. All fish caught must be immediately released or put into the contestants bucket.
14. All teams/individuals must travel and fish within the designated tournament boundary area. Entrants may not prefish or be on the ice of the lake past 6:00 pm the day prior to the tournament.
15. Boundaries are set for your safety.  Any participant fishing or traveling beyond boundary lines will be immediately disqualified.
16. Ties shall be resolved by combining place awards for both the leading and next place and dividing them equally between the tied teams.
17. Any team more than 10 minutes late shall lose all credit for the days catch.
18.There will be no refund of entry fees for contestants that do not show up for the tournament.
19. Launch order will be determined by when the application is received.
20.  Teams may consist of one or two anglers

For further information contact: Don Kelly (Tackle Shack) 570-724-5138 or Dustin Wheatley 570-787-3606

Preregister at Tackle Shack or sign up the day of the tournament