12/16/16 Tioga County Ice Condition update- no fishable ice for this weekend | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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I've been talking to customers all morning and we will not be checking ice conditions tonight. Reports coming in, have all stated the ice is growing, but remains too thin on all of the public lakes. Hamilton capped over last night, but it will likely thaw out this weekend. I haven't heard from Beechwood, but I would guess its the same story up there. Both were near wide open on Tuesday.

Hills Creek will continue to make ice into tomorrow morning, but with temps climbing into the 40's tomorrow and a wintry mix hiding thin spots, it will not be in fishable shape. Customers today reported ice measuring 2.5 to just over three inches at the stumps end.

The Corps lakes are making ice. Nothing near fishable, but its a good sign that they're primed and ready for the next cold snap.

We will check conditions again on Tuesday. Let's make it through this weekend and hopefully another blast of arctic air will blow through and tighten the lakes up before the new year. We're all anxious to get out, but be patient and soon enough we will have good conditions. Stay dry and wait it out a little longer.

Be safe out there. We'll be open everyday till Christmas. Stop by and check out all the new gear or grab a gift card for the fishermen in your family.

Have a good day,