12/30/16 Hills Creek Lake & Beechwood Lake fishable. Tioga County Ice Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Guys, we got a bunch of snow last night and it is still coming down. I would say there is 3-4 inches out there now. If you're fishing this weekend, Hills Creek and Beechwood are both in good shape.

Hamilton was not fishable these last few days and with snow on top its going to look a lot more inviting than it is. Much of the ice around the boat launch melted away and towards the dam, the ice was junk. We haven't had good temps to build much more ice this week. Customers yesterday noted that it looked like someone broke through testing the ice down from the parking lot by the dam. It needs some time yet.

Hills Creek has about 5-5.5" on it. Fished there last night and the ice is in good shape.

Anglers have been catchign some nice panfish on Hills Creek this season.  Big, yellow perch, and some nice bluegills are being caught in roughly 5-8 feet of water using waxworms and maggots (spikes). As usual, mornings and evenings have fished best so far.  Mid day the bite struggles, and after dark has been slow too.  A few guys are finding some in the deeper areas towards the dam as well.  Crappies have been hard to come by so far.  The ones being caught have mostly been along some of the deeper drop-offs using wax worms or minnows.  Anglers running tipups found nice bass and pickerel in shallow water using live shiners and fatheads.   The area locally known as the “Stumps” has been producing the most fish.  This area consists of the shallow water between the Beaver Huts launch and the middle of the lake.  The water has been crystal clear so far this season and bright silver, gold, glow, and chartreuse jigs have worked best.

Good luck and be safe out there. We will be open all weekend

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