1/12/17 Heavy Rains in Tioga County. Please read for more info | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Mother Nature has been cruel this year again and after a few weeks of great ice fishing, we are getting pounded with rain.  The ice itself we expect to stay in pretty good shape, but the edges are likely going to be beat up tomorrow morning.  Good cold weather is coming through to harden the edges and any standing water on the ice.  Hamilton and the Corps Lakes are likely shot right now.  Again, there should be plenty of ice still, but with the water levels coming up, the ice will be inaccessible.

We are hoping to have customer reports from the ice tommorrow morning and we will be checking conditions tomorrow night after closing here.  This will give it a little time to heal up.  

If you are venturing out, definitely have cleats and waterproof boots.  Watch for old holes that are draining water and opening up.  

Be safe out there.  If you don't feel comfortable, give it a few days and we should be in better shape.  Check back for updates.