1/23/17 Tioga County Ice Update. A plea for cold weather! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Rain, rain go away.
Melt the ice another day
Bring on the snow! Bring on the cold!
This warm weather is getting old
The other three seasons are all very nice
But now it is winter, so let there be ICE!

Be careful out there folks. The ice has been beat up these last few days. After Wednesday it should start healing up and building again. We should be fishing again next weekend on better ice if this forecast holds true Think lots of cold thoughts and let's invite Old Man Winter back to stay for another month or so.

According to reports today, the ice is spongy and we have lost some of the edges at Beechwood, Hills Creek, and Hamilton.  Ice around the swimming area at Hills Creek was in better shape, but the stumps end is soft.   A few people were fishing here this morning. Hamilton has open water by the dock (On the plus side, they are catching trout in that small patch of open water).  The Corps Lakes remain unfishable and will be in even worse shape after today. 

We will be closed tomorrow through thursday.  We will do our best to update conditions on Friday.   Be extremely cautious out there until it cools down.  Old holes are staying open and a lot of spots are potentially dangerous.  Let this warm weather pass and through and we should be on great ice again in another week.  We expect fishable conditions again this weekend, but this will depend on the weather the next few days.