1/25 short ice update. Hamilton Lake tournament postponed | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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We received about 7 inche of snow across the county this week.  The lakes have laken a beating.  Ice at Hills Creek is very dangerous at this time and is thinner than Hamilton and Beechwood.  We will need a few cold nights to tighten it back up.  There is a lot of snow on the lakes and we lost a bit of ice over the weekend.  The edges on all of the smaller lakes are in poor shape.  A few anglers have been out on the lakes.  Use extreme caution if you go out.  This snow will hide potentially dangerous areas.  We expect better conditions by the weekend as cold air moves back into the region.

Be careful out there and be sure to check conditions before venturing on the lake.  If you are planning a trip, I would really suggest giving it at least a few days to let the ice heal up some.  We will update conditions after after this weekend.