1/28/17 Tioga County ice Update. Lakes still need time to heal | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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We have had a lot of questions about ice conditions this morning. We were out of town and unable to check conditions all week, however, reports from anglers have noted the lakes still need time to heal. The edges are beat up and there is still slush on the ice. At Hamilton, the boat launch is mostly open water. With the current forecast, we should have better ice again by mid-week if we maintain these below freezing temperatures.

Across the country, there has been numerous reports of anglers falling through the ice, and a few unfortunate deaths. The ice has taken a beating this month and this last warm up coupled with heavy snow has left us with poor conditions in many areas. 4" or even 6" now, is not the same strength of the ice we had a month ago. Weaker ice coupled with varied thicknesses from the freeze/thaw pattern we have experienced all season, leaves us with potentially dangerous conditions. Cold weather all week will be a big help.

We will do our best to update conditions throughout the week. Please use common sense and be safe out there.