3/30/17 Tioga County Fishing Update- Local waters being stocked with trout | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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3/30 It's been a slow couple weeks across the county as the ice reformed and melted off once again, but finally everything is open and ice free.  Fishing has been slow and water temps are mostly below 40 now.  Hamilton Lake was stocked yesterday and Pine Creek has also been stocked.  Remember Beechwood, Hamilton, and the DHALO section on Pine are open to year round trout fishing, but trout cannot be harvested until the season opens in April.

We've had a number of calls about crappie fishing, and it just isn't happening yet.  Water temperatures need to come up before things really get going.  Perch were being caught in the Tioga spillway and soon they should turn on again at Hills Creek.  Once temps start nearing 50 degrees, fishing will improve.  

NY Trout Opener- April 1
PA regional Trout opener- April 1
PA statewide trout opener (Tioga, Potter, Bradford, etc...) April 15
Mentored Youth Trout Day- April 8

Butterworm supplies are VERY limited this year.  We expect to have enough for April, but past that, availability is unlikely.    Growers are blaming wildflires for supply shortages.  We intend to keep our prices the same for this season, despite increasing costs.  We will continue to look for other sources, however, it doesn't look promising this year.  Enjoy them while they last :)