4/21/17 Heavy Rains overnight. Pine mostly unfishable. Lakes muddied. Good bite prior to storm | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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We woke up this morning to flooded streams and continued rain until about 8AM.  Pine is way up and muddy.  The area streams look like chocolate milk and the lakes will be dirtying up too as muddy water makes its way through them.  it will likely be a few days before things turn around.  Smaller streams should be fishable this weekend and Hills Creek should stay in decent shape.

We fished Hamilton Lake last night and did well on crappies, perch, and trout both live minnows and a variety of lures.  Thomas Buoyant Minnow spoons and small stickbaits, both in natural colors, worked well.  The crappies were schooled up and holding off shore.  Most were 'normal' size for Hamilton.  8-10inchers. With normal weather, they will move in to spawn soon.  The perch we caught still had milt and eggs and should finish spawning soon.  Other anglers were catching trout on fatheads, rosey reds, powerbait, butterworms, Joe's flies spinners, and phoebe's.  Garlic, Corn, and Cheese powerbaits all worked well.  Garlic or Garlic chartruese were the most popular according to customers this morning.  With as much rain as we received last night, Hamilton will likely be muddy for a few days.  Opting for brighter colors, instead of the natural colors will help you catch fish. 

Lyman Run Lake is scheduled to be stocked today.