5/18/17 Crappies. Pine Creek Tournament! Bass & more... | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Water temps on the lakes are climbing every day.  We are starting to see consistent low 60's.  Crappie fishing has been best late in the day and into the night.  Anglers are catching them on both Tioga and Hammond.  Fish are moving in shore late in the day and holding out in the deeper water in the mornings.  Few anglers have seen large numbers of crappies, but the bite is improving every day.  The perch and bluegills have been very cooperative and worms are working well for both. One angler noted a few perch up to 14inches out of Hammond. Some crappies are coming out of Hamilton and Hills Creek too.  Most noted a mix of pre and post spawn fish.  Likely some of these fish moved in earlier before the cold snap.  This does nto appear to be the case on the larger lakes though.  Female fish are still full of eggs.

This weekend is the upper Pine Creek Trout Tournament.  Expect lots of fishermen from Ansonia to Galeton.   Water levels are very good and anglers have been doing well with the trout using a variety of spinners, butterworms, wax worms, and meal worms.  **YES, we do have butterworms.  I was able to get about 4000 in this week**.  Many of the other local stocked streams are fishing well too.   Salmon eggs have been a popular choice on the smaller waters.

Bass fishing continues to be good on all of the lakes.  crankbaits and spinnerbaits are yielding the most fish.  Live shiners are working well too.  We are seeing a mix of pre and post spawn bass between the lakes.  

Enjoy the nice weather.  Get out and do some fishing.

Good luck out there!