7/7/17 Another good week of fishing. Trout & bass biting well. Some walleyes too! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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It's been another good week of fishing around the county!  Trout fishing continues to be very good on Pine Creek and many of the smaller tributaries.  Temperatures are starting to climb though so it is best to fish mornings and evenings.  Keep in mind that warm water stresses the trout considerably. Temperatures are still ok now, thanks to continued bouts of rain and cooler nights will help keep temperatures down.  Hopefully this trend continues.  Fly hatches have been fairly decent still with sulphurs, cahills, BWOs, and sltae drakes still making up the bulk of the hatches.  Butterworms and wax worms have been the prefered baits.  Many different spinner and spoons have been working too.  Roostertails in a variety of colors have been the ticket lately.  Brown, black, white, green, brown trout, and similar more natural colors have been the most popular.

On the lakes, bass fishing has been very good for most.  Lots of different presentations are yielding fish.  Morning and evening topwater bites have been great.  Whopper Ploppers are by far our hottest seller this season and they are producing lots of fish.  The 90 and 110 size are working best, but some anglers do prefer the 130 because it can be fished much slower.  Bone, Loon, I know it, and Monkey Butt, have been the most popular colors.   Similary jitterbugs, Rebel Pop-Rs, and various frogs are working on top.  Not every day and every condition sets up for a topwater bite, but when its on, there is no technique that is more fun.  Target weedlines, emerging weeds, timber, and any of the shallow waters for best results. 

Subsurface, live shiners are working well, as are many different plastics and jigs.  Gary Yamamoto Senkos and flappin hogs continue to be our best selling plastics, yielding good results on the lakes.  Big Bite Baits YoMama or Finesse Worms, and Zoom Brush hogs  have been popular too.  Green pumpkins, watermelons, black/blue, and black/red are the most popular.  Black/Blue and Tequila Sunrise berkley power worms were popular too.    The crankbait bite has been very godo this season.  On the Corps lakes, visibility is pretty good, despite most of the lakes being off color.  Thus, natural shad and alewife patterns are working well.  We have been catching bass, crappie, and perch on Hammond using Strike King 3XD, series 5, and 5XD baits in Sexy Shad and Sexy blue back herring.  Rapala's Helsinki shad is also a good color.

The panfish bite has varied from lake to lake.  Crappies are being caught in decent numbers on Beechwood and Hamilton. Live minnows, white, green, or pearl twister tails were best. Again we have picked up some nice ones too on shad colored cranks on Hammond.  Bluegills have been plentiful most everywhere.  night crawlers, wax worms, meal worms, butterworms, berkley honey worms, and gulp maggots all worked.  Similar reports with perch.

Catfish and bullheads have been biting well at Hammond, Tioga, and the Tioga River.  some nice ones were being caught at the Tioga spillway, up to 10 lbs.  Most have been smaller 12-18 inches. Liver, live shiners, cut baits, and worms, are all working.  

Good luck fishing!