12/15/17 Ice Update- Lakes not ready yet, despite cold weather | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Despite cold weather all week, the lakes are NOT ready for this weekend. We checked Hills Creek and found mushy ice at the beaver huts launch, with a little over 2 inches of good ice a little farther out. At the Pines launch, ice was a little thicker, but still under 3". Yes, there is probably spots with thicker ice, but there are also spots with thinner ice for sure. Areas around the dam and spots in the stumps end were the last to freeze. There is also about an inch or so of snow on top of the ice.

The other lakes too are mostly capped, but also unfishable.

We're all anxious, but the lakes need some time yet. We will check back next week.

Be safe out there this season. ALWAYS check conditions yourself before venturing onto any lake.