12/28/17 Tioga County Ice Conditions Report- First Ice is here! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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12/28/17- Tioga County Ice Conditions Report


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Beechwood- The lake is fully capped with a very light dusting of snow on in spots. We worked our way out from the boat launch marking 7-7.5" of ice. Mostly good, clear ice. Edges in great shape

Cowanesque- Cowanesque is about a little more than 3/4 capped with most of the open water being on the east end towards the dam. Ice at the south shore boat launch was in good shape with 5.5-6" of good ice. Cowanesque is notoriously varied most every season. Constantly check conditions if you move across the lake. It should lock up completely very soon with the current forecast. Edges are in good shape.

Hammond- Hammond looks to be completely capped. Again, this lake usually varies in ice conditions. We marked 5.5-6 inches of clear ice at the campground boat launch. There are a few large cracks across the lake, that have frozen over. Check conditions constantly as you move across the lake.

Hills Creek State Park- A few people were out fishing at Hills Creek on the stumps end. We marked 5-5.5 at the stumps end, to about 50 feet out. Edges were good and very solid. At the Pine launch, across from the beach, we measured closer to 6", again of mostly clear ice. A very light covering of snow is on the lake.

Hamilton- Hamilton is fully capped with spotty patches of light snow on top. We parked at the parking lot by the dam and worked across the lake towards the tower and measured 5.5 to 6 inches. The upper end by the boat launch is also frozen and we measured 4-5 inches there.

Nessmuk- We did not check conditions at Nessmuk. However, the lake has capped over. A flock of geese has been keeping the middle open for most of this week. We will check conditions later this weekend or early next week. Please remember Nessmuk is under Catch & Release regulations for ALL fish species.

These reports are for reference only. Please keep in mind that ice thicknesses vary from spot to spot. Springs, flowing water, and debris or structure that holds heat will not freeze as well as other areas. You will find areas of thinner and thicker ice on all of the lakes. Check conditions yourself before venturing onto any body of water. With the current forecast, we expect conditions to continue to improve throughout the weekend.

Have fun, be safe, and stop in to see us at Tackle Shack for all your ice fishing supplies. Let's finish 2017 with a fish filled weekend. Good luck out there.