1/10/18 Tioga County Ice Fishing Report- Hills Creek, Hamilton, Beechwood Lakes fishing well. Lots of ice! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Ice is in great shape across the county!  Most areas have 10-14+ inches.   We have had a bunch of concerned messages and phone calls about the upcoming warm weather.  With this much good ice, we won't lose much.  Keep in mind, the days are still very short and highs only last for a few hours.  Now, that being said, you should always check conditions yourself before venturing out and be aware of old holes that will not refreeze for a few days and may open up some.  Cold weather is due in soon after though, so we'll be back to ice making in no time.

Hills Creek Lake- Bluegills and perch have been biting on waxworms, spikes, and mousees.  Most the action has been in the stumps.  Anglers are finding 10-12+ inches of ice on the lake.  Mid afternoon into the evening has been best, but anglers noted that constantly moving has been the key to catching a bunch of fish.  Pickerel and bass are being caught too around the stumps using live shiners and fatheads.

Hamilton Lake- Trout, bluegills, perch, and crappies are being caught in good numbers.  Most of the action has been in deeper water.  Look for areas of 15-30 fow.  Fishing the bottom, you'll catch perch and bluegills.  Trout and crappies have been higher in the column.  Waxworms have worked best, but live minnows are working well too.

Katie with her first fish through the ice.  A nice perch from Hamilton!
1 10 18KatieJeffers FIRSTfishthroughICE HamiltonLake

Cowanesque Lake-  A few guys have been out catching crappies.  Ice is in great shape from the end of the no wake through the west end.  A few anglers mentioned targetting muskies this weekend.  Hopefully we'll have pictures to share.  

Hammond Lake- Most of the action has been around Pine Camp.  The lake is seeing minimal pressure, but anglers are catching some crappies of varying sizes, plus a bunch of perch.  Again, waxworms have been best.  Look for deep water structure and dropoffs that hold fish.

Lyman Run Lake- Over in Potter County, a number of our customers are doing well with trout and nice bluegills.  One angler today noted 'I have never had this much fun catching so many trout'.  The ice is in great shape, the water is clear, and jigging with waxworms has been effective.  Tipups with powerbait or minnows are also working

Kelsey Creek Dam-  Not a lake we mention often, but this small reservoir in Wellsboro has been fishing well this season with anglers catching lots of panfish.  Anglers noted they are weeding through lots of little ones, but they are also getting some nice sized bluegills to fillet.

Pisgah- Reports have been sporadic from Pisgah, but anglers did note they have good ice and are catching some nice bluegills, plus a variety of other fish.  Anglers today reported about 8" of ice.


A happy customer at Hills Creek State Park.  Great job Michael!

Hills Creek Lake Tioga County PA Pickerel