1/15/18 Tioga County Ice Conditions report- Hamilton, Hills Creek, Beechwood Lakes in great shape! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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1/15/18 Tioga County Ice Report

Frigid air moving into the area helped reseal the edges and firm up the soft spots these last few days on all of the local lakes. Some areas have snow on top, others have a layer of white ice instead. We are in good shape for the week. Remember the below reports are for reference only. ALWAYS check conditions yourself before venturing onto any body of water. Springs, inflowing water, and odd weather this season can impact the ice. Areas of thinner or potentially dangerous ice are always possible.

Beechwood Lake- Temps read -17 as we headed to Beechwood today. The edges were in good shape at the boat launch. Ice is noticeably dirty in front of the launch, but clearing farther out on the lake. We measured about 13" with a couple inches of snow on top. Anglers were fishing the other side of the lake and noted about 12" on that end too.

Hills Creek Lake- Quite a few people were out fishing today, mostly in the stumps, but a few were off the Pines launch too. We measured about 12" of ice off the Pines. The edges were solid getting on.

Hamilton Lake- A few people were out fishing on Hamilton. Watch getting on and off at the edges. Ice sheets formed on the edges and broke off, making access a little tougher. The edges were all hard. Out on the lake, on the lower end, we measured a few spots, marking about 13" of ice, with 10-12 of that being good black ice and a layer of frozen slush on top.

Cowanesque Lake- At the time of our visit, the gates were closed at South Shore launch. We did not check other spots. The lake appears to be full capped with solid edges, however we could not confirm that today. A small patch of open water remains on the east end with a small flock of birds keeping it open. A few cracks were also visible about mid lake. The lake had risen a couple feet with the last storm.

Hammond Lake- We stopped at Hammond Lake and at this time, gates were open, but the road had not been plowed. Ice at the boat launch measured about 11". THe water level here is also up since last week.

We will try to get more updates from the Corps lakes later this week. Temperatures are looking great all week. Get out and enjoy some ice fishing!

Good Luck and be safe out there!

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