2/2/18 Ice in good shape across the county. Tioga County Ice Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Across the region, the lakes are in great shape still and no damaging weather is in the forecast.  Conditions vary some from lake to lake, but overall, most of the lakes have 10-12 inches of ice, plus a covering of snow.   

Hamilton continues to fish well with good catches of trout and a variety of panfish.  Most noted weeding through lots of small panfish to find keepers, but the action has been steady.  Areas around the dam continue to be the most popular, but some are finding perch and trout closer to the boat ramp too.  Blue, chartruese, orange, and pink jigs have been best lately.  Blue/nickel and blue hali jigs were popular this week too.  All tipped with waxworms, mousees, or spikes.  Live minnows are working for trout, but most are being caught by jigging with waxworms.

Hills Creek has been slower these past few days.  Anglers are catching some nice bluegills and perch, but are weeding through lots of little ones too.  The stumps continues to be the most productive area.  A few are finging perch and crappies near the dam too.  many of the bluegills are in shallow, tight to the weeds.  Silver, gold, chartruese, and glow jigs have been most popular.  Bass and pickerel are being caught with medium shiners and fatheads.  A few noted catching the best perch on tipups using shiners.  Numbers of these weren't great, but the ones caught were big.

Lyman Run Lake has fished well this season and anglers are still catching nice trout in good numbers.  waxworms or minnows have been best.

Anglers were out on Tioga and Hammond these past few days.  Again, ice is in good shape, but the bite was slow.  Most noted lots of lookers but few takers.  With some possible storm fronts coming in this weekend, hopefully that will help fire up the bite too.

If you plan to fish Tioga Lake, be very around the Route 15 bridge.  Cinders/Rocks plowed off route 15 are mixed into the ice and are VERY damaging to auger blades.   The same is possible near the bridges at Cowanesque Lake too.