4/23/18 Mixed reports over weekend. Bite improving with warmer weather. Tioga & Potter County Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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4/23 Beautiful weather over the weekend brought a number of anglers out across the region.  Water temperatures are rising and clarity is improving.  It looks like we are back on track with 'normal' spring weather and fishing should continue to improve over the next week.

Pine Creek- Pine was running high through the weekend, but a few anglers were out.  Water color is great above Marsh Creek and off color, but clearing, below it.  This morning, Pine is still running about a foot high.  Popular baits these last few days included lvie minnows, butterworms, and wax worms.  Roostertail and panther martin spinners worked well too.  Fly activity was minimal again, but anglers saw decent hatches of small black and brown stoneflies in the upper stretches and sporadic rising fish.  Most of the action was subsurface.  Squirmy wormies and mop flies continue to be a hot seller and top producer.  Olive and black streamer patterns also worked well. **Try some of our awesome new sculpin patterns from Streamer King Flies and Montana Fly Company, especially if you want to target big browns!**

Hamilton Lake- Hamilton fished hard Friday and Saturday, but warmer weather helped improve the bite by Sunday.  Live minnows, powerbait, butterworms, and waxworms were all working.  A few fly fishermen did well throwing small streamers and wetflies around the dam area.  Hamilton Lake is scheduled to be restocked again this week on the 27th.  A few sunfish and perch were also caught using both minnows and redworms/crawlers.

Lyman Run lake- Lyman fished very well over the weekend.  Live minnows, butterworms, wax worms, and meal worms fished under a float produced well.  Some very nice bluegills were also being caught.  Fly anglers did well on a variety of dry flies, and subsurface with various nymphs and wet flies.  The water is very clear.  Use lighter tippets.  Boaters caught fish trolling with small spinners and spoons.  Kastmasters and Phoebes were a favorite in Silver, Gold, and silver/green.  

Hammond/Tioga Lakes- A few people were out chasing perch and crappies with limited results.  Water temperatures need to come up to get things going again. Likely, we won't see a ton of crappie activity till next week. Temperatures are still in the mid to high 40's.  

Hills Creek Lake- Here too, most noted a slow bite.  Some bluegills and perch were being caught on minnows, nightcrawlers, and redworms.  Loons were the big topic of conversation.  Photographers captured some great pictures of them catching a few yellow perch.  With warmer weather finally here, hopefully soon it will be our turn to catch them too.

Most of the smaller streams in the area fished well too.  Water levels were better and anglers did well with pink shrimp salmon eggs, butterworms, and baby nightcrawlers, 

Keep checking back for updates!  It looks like spring is finally here and the bite is only going to get better!  Good luck fishing