5/19/18 Tioga County Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Anglers reported a decent bite through the last few days.  Water cleared up some and crappies moved in shore on Hills Creek, Hamilton, and many of the local ponds.  Guys fishing on Tioga found better, but still tough, conditions and were able to catch some crappies.  Hammond is also fishing decent with guys catching lots of bluegills and some crappies.

Bass fishing continues to be very good with a mix of spawning fish and pre or post spawn fish.  Target shallow bays and bedding areas with squarebill cranks, topwaters, chatterbaits, and various plastics.

Pine Creek is still up, and we are getting more showers today.  Water clarity is decent throughout upper Pine.  The Upper Pine Creek trout tournament is going on today and tomorrow.  Owasee Road is currently closed due to slides from the high water last week.  Accessing the Keystone Select stretch is possible from the Rails to Trails path at the Darling Run access point.  Various live baits and artificial baits have been working on Pine.  Fly anglers have done best subsurface with mop flies, worm patterns, stoneflies, buggers, march brown nymphs, and caddis pupas.

Good luck fishing!