8/11/18 Tioga Lake still closed. Others open and at normal levels. Good bite continues. Tioga County Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Tioga Lake remains closed as the Corps works to clean up debris.  We reccomend calling the park office for the most up to date info straight from the Corps, however, we will update as soon as we hear it is open again.

The other lakes are all open and at normal levels.  Visibility is also normal for this time of the year.

Bass fishing continues to be good on the lakes.  Water temps, for the most part, have dropped into the low to mid 70's.  Topwater action has been good in the mornings and evenings.  Overcast days have fished better.   Whopper ploppers, particularly the size 75 and 90, have been very popular.  Natural colors including Bone, Bluegill, Perch, phantom shad, and T1000 are working well.  

Anglers on Hammond are doing well with crankbaits and various plastics.  Reaction innovations sweet beavers and Strike King Rage craws have been popular.  Texas rig them for flipping shallow cover, or carolina rig them for offshore fishing. Green pumpkins and blue craw patterns have been best.  Some are also doing well with dropshot presentations using Yamamoto shad shape worms and Reaction Innovations flirt worms.  Again, stick to the shades of green for best results.  Perh and crappies are also being caught with anglers trolling or slowly drifting with worms and minnows.

On Cowanesque, anglers have been catching fish around the west end timber and in the weed beds.  Smallmouth are biting near off shore rockpiles and weed edges.  Areas around the dam are also fishing well.  A few stripers are being caught using deep diving crankbaits and paddle tail swimbaits.  White or shad colored baits have been best.  Muskies are being caught too, mostly on larger bass baits or smaller musky baits.  4-6 inch baits have been best.  Chartruese and shad colors were both popular.

Beechwood Lake has been fishing well with anglers catching bass near the fallen trees, in the lily pads, and along the dam.  dropshotting 3-4" plastics has worked well, and the evening topwater bite has been good.  Trout are btiing again too.  Water temperatures cooled and they have been readily taking flies off the surface.  Powerbait or waxworms fished under a bobber has yielded some fish.  Also, trolling with small stickbaits and spoons is working.  

Hills Creek Lake has been tougher this week, but anglers are finding bass in the weeds and lily pads.  Texas or wacky rigged senkos have been a favorite, or try a frog on the surface.  Big bluegills and nice perch are also in the mix.  Most are being caught on the weed edges or in the open pockets. 

Hamilton is still a foot or so high.  The ramp is currently closed.  Walking the edges, anglers have been catching bass with shallow diving crankbaits in bluegill and perch patterns, jigs, and topwaters in the evening.  Live shiners are also working.  The lake is still dirty, but visibility is improving.

Nessmuk- Remember Nessmuk is under catch and release regulations.  No fish may be harvest.  The lake is doing well though and fish populations are getting back to normal.  Bass are plentiful and biting well on twister tails, whopper ploppers,and small stickbaits.  Most are 8-12 inch fish.  Bluegills and crappies are being caught too on small twister tails and mealworms.  Some larger fish have been reported too.  Have fun catching them, but be sure to let them all go.

Pine, and many of the tributaries, are at suprisingly good levels for August.  Anglers are catching trout on hopper patterns and various terrestrials.  Some caddis and mayflies are also hatching.  Mornings and evenings have been best.