9/19/18 Heavy rains have closed the three Army Corps of Engineers lakes for the time being.  Tioga River below the lakes is also very high and muddy.  It is in your best interest to call the USACE directly before making a trip to these lakes right now.  I'm not sure how long it will take to recede, but we'll do our best to stay updated.  You can reach the park office at 570-835-5281

Hamilton Lake- Also very high at the moment and muddy

Nessmuk Lake- Up a little, but plenty fishable.  Water is stained. 

Hills Creek Lake- off color and up some.  Otherwise normal conditions

We have not had any reports yet from Beechwood, but a few people were headed there to fish today.  Same story with Lyman Run Lake.

Pine Creek is very high at the moment too.  It's unlikely to be at fishable levels this weekend.  Smaller tributaries were high yesterday, but should be in good shape for the weekend.  It's a great time to chase some backwoods brookies!

On a more positive note...good salmon runs are happening right now on the Lake Ontario tributaries.  Stop in and we'll gladly help you get geared up for fall salmon/steelhead season!