12/7/18 Tioga County Ice Update- Lakes not quite ready. Read more here | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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12/7/18 Tioga County Ice Report

The lakes are not quite ready yet. Ice is covering most of the smaller lakes, but there is still small patches of open water. Last weekend's warmup caused many areas to melt off. This is now refreezing, though some areas are still thin or hold inferior ice. We will continue to build ice through the weekend, however they will still need some time and cold temperatures yet to be fishable.

Pictures from today can be found on our facebook page.  Scroll down to the pinned post from this afternoon- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/

Hills Creek has 2-3 inches of ice off the beaver huts end and 2 inches or less of marginal ice off the Pines Launch. The area in front of the beach was among the last water to freeze. The backs of the coves are still very thin too.

Beechwood is mostly capped. The ice at the boat launch was thin and inaccessible. We did not check the other end, but there was some wet spots visible towards the middle of the lake and the dam

Hamilton is also mostly capped. As is usual, the area near the boat launch is still open. This is generally the last area to freeze and almost always has thinner ice. A few large cracks have formed around the middle of the lake too.

With the current forecast, we could be fishing in another week. We will check again on Tuesday. Please remember, that these reports are for reference only. Always check conditions yourself before venturing onto any frozen body of water and always carry proper safety gear. We hope you all have a safe and fish-full season. Stop in and see us for all your fishing needs!