12/11/18 Tioga County Ice Conditions Report- anglers fishing Hills Creek. Warm weather/rain may hurt ice this weekend. Read for details! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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12/11/18 Tioga County Ice Report

Ice conditions have improved over the last few days and anglers have fished Hills Creek and some of the local ponds. Hamilton and Beechwood are still on the thin side, and with warmer weather moving in, its unlikely that either will be fishable this weekend. We will begin checking Hammond, Cowanesque, and Nessmuk next week too.

**These reports and pictures are for reference only. Be sure to check conditions yourself before venturing onto any body of water.**

Pictures can be found on our facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/ . Check the pinned post at the top of the page

Hills Creek State Park- We found about 4 inches of ice off the Pines launch with no issues accessing the lake. We found 4-4.5 inches off the the beaver huts launch. As always, expect to find thinner spots, especially around stumps, the dock, and areas of incoming water that do not freeze as fast. Areas near the dam and closer to the beech are likely thinner too as these were the last spots to freeze.

Hamilton Lake- The lake is now fully capped over. At the launch, the ice is still very thin. We were able to get on the lake to the right of the dock and found roughly 3-3.5 inches of ice a few feet out. Conditions were not good enough to check farther out. With some rain moving in, expect the upper end to be inaccessible. We did not measure ice on the lower end towards the dam, but there are some large cracks that appear to have healed over. Once we get through this warm up it should take long for this to be fishable.

Beechwood Lake- The lake is fully capped. Ice nearest to the dock is thinner, but we were able to access the lake with no issues. We drilled a few holes marking 4-4.25 inches of ice. Take note though, that this is mix of about 50/50 white ice and black ice. It's hard, but inferior ice. We will likely loose some of this if we get some rain. Here too it shouldn't take long to be ready after this warm up.

Good luck and be safe out there. Stop in and see us for all your ice fishing needs!