1/15/19 Tioga County Ice Conditions update | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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1/15/19 Tioga County Ice Conditions update-

This is for your reference only. Always check conditions yourself before venturing out onto the ice. With the warm weather earlier in the month, conditions are going to be variable on all of the lakes. There is spots of thin ice for sure. Temperatures are good to continue to build ice, but it will be a little while yet till we have ideal conditions. Read below for updates from today. We will update again later this week

Hills Creek- Hills Creek has frozen quite unevenly. The stumps end has had ice the longest and there is a noticeable change from old ice to new ice. On one side, there is about 5" of ice. On the other side of that divide, there is only 3". Out farther, it is likely thinner in spots too. At the Pines launch, we measured about 3" of clear ice. Again, this is likely thinner in areas closer to the middle of the lake. This ice was some of the last to freeze. A few people have been fishing the thicker ice on the stumps end.

Beechwood- We did not see how this lake froze, but the lake is completely capped and there was no problem accessing the ice at the boat launch. We spudded out a ways and found about 4" of clear ice. Again, some areas are surely thinner.

Hamilton- The lake is completely capped with clear ice. There are some healed cracked across the lake and there is a stretch of white, ice close to the boat launch. We measured about 3" near this divide. It was too thin for us to venture farther.

The other lakes in the area are frozen, but will also need some time yet. Check back for updates.

Find pictures and a full update on our facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/posts/10156869046385629