1/25/19 Tioga County Ice Update- Beechwood Lake, Hills Creek Lake, Hamilton Lake. | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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1/25/19 Tioga County Ice Update

These reports are for your reference only. Check conditions yourself before venturing onto any body of water. Be aware there will be spots of thinner ice on all of the lakes.

Hills Creek Lake- A bunch of people are fishing today on both ends of the lake. The edges are in good shape and we had no issue accessing the ice. On the stumps end and near the Pines launch, we found 5" of clear ice with a thin layer of water, then another inch of frozen slush. This should all solidify completely tonight with temperatures dropping to single digits. We talked to a few guys fishing and they were catching perch and a few pickerel.

Beechwood Lake- Similar to Hills, we found 5" of clear ice at the boat launch with another 1-2 inches of slush/frozen slush on top. The edges were soft, but we were able to get on the lake without much trouble. Good temps tonight should help harden some of this too. A few guys were out fishing and said the fishing was slow, but they had caught some trout.

Hamilton Lake- Hamilton is completely frozen, however, the lake has risen a few feet. The edges are all refrozen, but this is thin, unstable ice. We were unable to check conditions. Again, with good temperatures through the next few days, we should be able to get back out there soon. We will keep an eye on this and check back in a few days.

Good luck and be safe out there.

You can see pictures from today here on our facebook page- Tackle Shack facebook page .  Scroll down to the pinned post for today's update.