6/5/19 Pine Still up some. Lots of hatches. Crappies, Bass, trout and sunfish all biting well. Tioga County Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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As I write this, Pine is still running a little high (just over 3 ft on the cedar run gauge).  We have been fishing between the Ansonia and Gaines most of the week and flows have dropped every day.  A little rain is expected today and tomorrow, and Pine will likely be up still for a few more days.  Temps are holding around 60 degrees. A variety of spinners, butterworms, wax worms, live minnows, and Kastmaster spoons have been popular.  Fly hatches were good all week, but most of the action continues to be subsurface.  We found rising fish in the evenings in some of the slower water.  Check the Pine Creek thread that is pinned to the top of the news section for the latest conditions and fly hatch info.

Most of the stocked trout streams are still fishing well and there are plenty of fish left to catch.  In the Wellsboro area, anglers continue to do well at Asaph Run, Stony Fork Creek, and Crooked Creek.  Pink salmon eggs, chartreuse Blue Fox spinners, joe's flies spinners, brown trout or silver Rapalas, butterworms, and baby nightcrawlers have been among the favorite baits.  These streams are mostly running at good levels with good clarity.  Crooked creek was off color still, but anglers have done well there catching some really nice trout too.

The lakes are all in good shape.  Hammond, Tioga, and Cowanesque are off color and dirtier in the upper sections, but overall clarity is good.  Temps ranged from 60-70 with the lower ends being the warmest. The crappies are mostly done spawning, but they are still catchable.  Look for weeds and brush piles and you will find crappies.  White, Chartruese, Red, and Pink were popular colors.  Crappie Magnets and slider grubs continue to produce fish.  We also picked up fish on small chartruese and pearl streamers worked over the top of the weeds.  Similar reports are coming in from the smaller lakes too.  Anglers did well with crappies yesterday at Hamilton using Powerbait and Gulp! Alive minnows, as well as live minnows, towards the dam.  The fish are holding near the banks and are catchable from shore.  

Bluegills and sunfish are in spawning across the county.  You will see them in shore guarding their nests. They are easily catchable with a variety of artificials, worms, or flies.  

Bass fishing has been good all week across the county.  Find weeds and you will find bass.  Frog fishing has been really good on the smaller lakes.  Ned rigs, senkos, whopper ploppers, beavers, and various other plastics have been producing fish.  Bass season opens June 15th.

Good luck fishing!

Just a reminder - Nessmuk Lake is under catch & release regulations.