Pine Creek is at perfect levels right now and fishing has been excellent.  Between the PFBC and local club stockings, there is plenty of trout to catch throughout upper Pine Creek.  Fly hatches have been good all week with rising trout taking  variety of flies.  Slate drakes and rusty spinners, have been particularly effective in the evenings.  Slate Drakes, lime sallies, yellow sallies, golden stones, caddis, sulphurs, gray fox, light cahills, and more are hatching.  Keep a variety of flies on hand!  Subsurface, try nymphs of any of these flies.  We have been doing very well on a Rubber Prince nymph and a Halo Czech nymph too.  Try them out!

With spinning gear, butterworms, wax worms, and live minnows have been working. Joe's flies spinners and a variety of roostertails have been good and  Brown trout, gold, or silver Rapalas are catching fish too.  

Similarly, you can expect good action on most of the local stocked waters.  Stony Fork, Crooked Creek, Long Run, and Asaph are all fishing well and at good levels.  Trout are still being caught at Hamilton and Beechwood Lakes too.  Powerbait, a variety of spinners, and live minnows have been good.  At Hamilton, quite a few trout are still hanging out by the dock and up the creek.


The spawns, or at least the peak of the spawns, are over and fish are more scattered now.  We are catching crappies at Hammond in weedbeds and by trolling the offshore structure.  Berkley Flicker Shads in purple, green, and shad colors are producing fish.  Jointed and standard patterns worked.  Closer to shore, crappie magnets continue to be good.  Anglers did well with green crappie magnets in the weeds and around brush piles.  Similarly, perch, crappies, and bluegills are biting around the weeds and timber at Hills Creek, Hamilton, and Beechwood.  Hills Creek is getting pretty weedy and pitching baits into open pockets is producing fish.  Live minnows will also work.


Bass Season opens this Saturday, June 15th.  It should be a great opener with fish catchable however you like to fish.  We have found bass inshore holding tight to weeds, but many are also moving to their deeper summer haunts and we are catching them with crankbaits near offshore structure.  You should find a great bite all weekend!  Tournament season is starting up too.  Be sure to check out Tioga County Bass Anglers and CV Bass League for local and finger lakes events.

It should continue to be a great week of fishing. Stop in and see us for all your fishing needs.  We're here to help you catch more fish.  Good luck out there!