It's been a wet week in Tioga County.  Rains brought Pine Creek up considerably.  It is coming back down but more rain is expected tonight.  Marsh Creek is dumping lots of muddy water into it too.  Depending on the rain tonight, Pine may or may not be fishable this weekend.  If we don't get too much, Upper Pine should be in fair shape by Saturday, but any significant rainfall will bring water levels up again.  Check back or call us for up to date info these next few days (570-724-5138).

Trout fishing on the smaller creeks has been good for the most part.  Water levels are much better on these streams and they clear up quickly.  Asaph fished very well yesterday and there are plenty of trout left to catch.

 Tioga Lake and the road along crooked creek were both shut down due to the high water.  Hammond and Cowanesque are both open and fishing has been good.  Bass anglers are doing very well on Cowanesque.  There is a mix of fish hanging out inshore and offshore.  Rage Craws, Sweet Beavers, Rage Structure bugs, and similar soft plastics are working.  Black/Blue and Blue Craw colors have been working well. Jigs and squarebill cranks are also working in and around the shallow structure and weeds.  Offshore, Strike King series 5, 5XD, and 6XD are all producing fish.  Sexy shad, blue back chartruese, and black back chartruese have been good colors.

Hills Creek, Beechwood, and Nessmuk are all fishing well too.  Weeds are getting thick and topwater frog action has been on fire.  Try a Lunker Hunt lunker frog, or a Lunker Hunt prop frog.  Both have worked very well.  Around the weeds, a variety of soft plastics are getting bit. Shades of green have been best.