There's been little to report these past few weeks with fish holding to their summer patterns, but cooler days and nights are starting to drop water temperatures and fish are transitioning to the fall patterns.

Pine Creek is cooling down and temperature on much of upper Pine are back in the 60's and peaking in the low 70's on warmer days.  Trout are dispersing away from the tributaries and anglers are catching them on a variety of flies, live baits, and spinners.  Terrestrial patterns and small streamers have been popular.  Waxworms, redworms, and mealworms are all working too.  Various spinners have worked, but black, brown, and white roostertails continue to be favorites.  Smallmouth are still biting well too and small rapalas, rebel craws, and clourser minnors or crayfish flies are working.  Evenings and overcast days have been good for topwater poppers too.

Hills Creek- Bass fishing has been tougher lately.  Anglers having the best success are fishing topwaters in the evening or punching texas rigs and jigs into the weed mats and lily pads during the day.  Junebug, motoroil, green pumpkin, and brown colored plastics have been best.  Panfish are still being caught in good numbers on the weed edges, holes in the weeds, and along the dam.  Minnows, mealworms, redworms, and various jigs are working.

Hamilton Lake- Trout are starting to bite again around the dock.  Anglers are catching them on redworms and powerbait.  Bass are biting in the shallows near the dock, and also along the dam.  Texas or wacky rigged senkos, berkley power worms, and various crankbaits have been popular. Bluegills and crappies are being caught mostly on the deeper end of the lake.  Bluegills are in shallower and crappies are holding deeper out in the middle of the lake.  Minnows have been best for crappies

Beechwood lake- Smallmouth and largemouth are being caught on texas rigged plastics, jigs, and drop shot presentations.  Brown, green pumpkin, baby bass, and similar shades of green were all working.  Crappies are biting too.  Slider grubs, beetle spins, and other bladed jigs in chartreuse or bright green are working.  Casting near trees or trolling along the dropoffs have been the best ways to target them.

Cowanesque Lake- Anglers are catching nice smallmouth and crappies on Berkley flicker shad in 10-15 feet of water.  Chartruese, firetiger, pink, and shad patterns were working.  Smallmouth and largemouth are also being caught on texas rigged plastics, dropshot presentations, ned rigs, and crankbaits.  Black/blue, , junebugblue craw, green pumpkin, and green pumpkin goby patterns have all been good plastics colors.  The striper bite has slowed, but a few are being caught on spoons, jerkbaits, and crankbaits around the dam.  Look for dropoffs and areas with access to deeper water.  A few muskies are being caught as well.  Most were accidental catches while fishing for bass or crappies.  Downsize your baits for best success.  Shad, perch, and sucker patterns are working.

Hammond Lake- Bass fishing has been slower lately with bass scattered across the lake.  Some are doing well in shallow water around the weeds.  Here, buzzbaits, frogs, and various jigs or texas rigged plastics have been good.  Off shore, anglers are catching fish on dropshots, ned rigs, carolina rigs, and crankbaits.  Look for structure or areas of hard bottom offshore.  Green pumpkin, baby bass, blue craw, june bug, okechobee craw, and similar colors are working.  Plastics with a hint of chartruese were popular too.  Try a Spike- It marker to add some color to your plastics.  This is especially helpful in dirty water.

Tioga Lake- Crappies are being caught near deeper fallen trees and around the connecting channel.  Live minnows have been best.  Some perch are also being picked up on both minnows and nightcrawlers.  Bass fishing has been tougher.  Anglers having the most success are catching fish in the channel and along the Route 15 shoreline.  A few hybrid stripers have been caught near the dam and connecting channel too.  

To our north we are starting to see reports  of a few salmon running on the Lake Ontario tribs, particularly Salmon River.  Friends of ours on Oak Orchard are still doing well on the lake, but have not seen any fish moving into the river.  It won't be long though!  We expect to have all of our salmon gear in stock Around 9/2 or 9/3.  We will be offering more float rods and centerpin set ups this year.  Stop in and see us before heading to your favorite streams.

Good Luck out there.