12/20/19 First ice is here! Tioga County Ice Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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12/20/19 Tioga County Ice Report


These reports are for reference only and you should ALWAYS check conditions yourself before venturing onto the ice. With this month's freeze/thaw pattern, there will be spots of thin and potentially dangerous ice. Light snow is covering most of the ice. Use your best judgement and ALWAYS check conditions before heading out fishing.

Hills Creek is frozen solid, however, it is important to note that there was small patches of open water in the backs of the coves earlier in the week. We started at the beaver huts launch and had no problems accessing the ice. Here, we found 4-4.5" of ice with the top inch being white, and the rest bubbled black ice. A few anglers were fishing. At the Pines launch, again we found hard edges and easy access. We worked out way out across the lake, measuring halfway between the launch and the beach . Here we found just under 5" of ice, again with the top inch being white ice.

Hamilton and Beechwood are both frozen from what we could see, but both have mediocre ice that we were not going to chance checking. Beechwood was just stocked yesterday. At the launch is a few inches of frozen slush/white ice. The ice farther out appears gray and slushy on top. With more cold weather, this will be ready soon. Hamilton has quite a bit of thin, new ice near the boat launch and patches of thin ice towards the dam. Again, this should be in better shape after another snap of cold weather.

It will be some time yet before the bigger lakes are ready to fish. We will update again after Christmas

Pictures and more on our Facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/posts/10157706303005629

Good luck and be safe out there