12/27/2019 Tioga County Ice Fishing Report. | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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12/27/19 Tioga County Ice Report

Warm weather is moving through the area and across the county ice conditions are very variable. Today, there is some water on top of all of the lakes. We will report on the larger lakes once conditions improve, but for now, here are reports for the smaller lakes. These reports are for reference only and conditions will degrade over the coming days with little cold weather in the forecast. Use common sense and ALWAYS check conditions yourself before venturing out onto the ice.

Hills Creek- A few people were fishing today, mostly in the stumps end. The edges at the beaver huts launch were broken up, but access to the ice was not a problem. Thickness varied on this end from just over 4" to just over 5". Anglers reported a mixed bite of bluegills, perch, and a few crappies. The edges were hard at the Pines launch too and we had no problem getting on the ice. Here we found 5-5.75" of ice. The top layer of ice is soft in spots, but below it there is bubbled black ice.

Beechwood Lake-
No one was fishing this morning. We checked at the boat launch and found about 5" off the launch, but its thins as you head out into the lake. We measured a few spots finding about 3.5" about 20 yards out and did not continue farther. From there, we went to the opposite side of the lake, parking near the drainage pipe off Lake Drive Road. Here, we found about 4.5-5", again thinning farther out in the lake.

Hamilton Lake- The lake is still frozen end to end, but it is not great ice. We found about 3.5 off to the right of the dock. Some spots had a layer of slush on top too. On the dam end, the ice is varied between 3.5 and 4" near shore. We did not check farther out

Nessmuk Lake- There is a lot of water on the ice right by the dock, farther out, we found about 3.75" and returned to shore. We did not check the dam end.

Pictures can be seen on our Facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/posts/10157726966510629