1/1/20 Happy New Year! A short ice report for Hills Creek | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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Good Morning and Happy New Year!

Report Pictures and comments available our facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/

We have had a ton of questions over the last day about current ice conditions. We will have full updates again on Friday, however we were able to check out Hills Creek this morning. A few people have been fishing these past few days, but we have lost ice since our last report. With rain early in the week, there WILL be spots of thin and potentially dangerous ice. This is for your reference only and you should always check the ice yourself. With limited time this morning, we could not venture far from the access areas.

The backs of the coves and other areas with incoming water will definitely be thinner and junkier ice too. Today, through early tomorrow morning is supposed to stay below freezing. We won't build much ice, but this will help some spots tighten up. It's important to note too that there is a thin layer of snow on the lake. This will hide areas of bad ice. There is a potential for some rain this weekend, but starting Saturday night, temperatures are forecasted to stay below freezing through the majority of next week. This should really help conditions improve.

The shoreline ice at the Beaver Huts launch (stumps end) thawed out with the rain. It has refrozen, but it is very thin ice. We were able to get on the lake to the right of the launch, however, the edge is still very thin here too. We spudded out 20 feet or so and finding only about 3.5" of bubbled black ice.

At the Pines launch, the edge was also thinner, but we had no problem getting on the ice. Here, the ice was slightly thicker, measuring 4- 4.25" of mostly bubbled black ice.

Think Cold thoughts and let's hope Mother Nature brings us some cold weather here in 2020!