1/31/2020 Anglers fishing Hills Creek, Hamilton, and Beechwood. Tioga County Ice Conditions update | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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1/31/2020 Tioga County Ice Report

Pictures and more can be found on our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/

Conditions have improved some since our last report and anglers are fishing on Hamilton, Beechwood, and Hills Creek. It is still important to note that the ice is varied in thickness and quality throughout all of the lakes. You will find spots of thinner ice and poor quality ice. Use a spud bar, check conditions yourself, and be safe out there. These reports are for your reference only.

Hamilton Lake- Hamilton continues to have the best ice in the area and quite a few people were fishing today, mostly on the deeper end. We accessed the ice off the boat launch with no issues. The edges are hard and the slush has tightened up. We spoke to a few anglers catching perch and bluegills today. Ice thickness ranges from about 5.5-7.5". The Mansfield University Fisheries & Aquaculture club tournament is scheduled for February 15th.

Beechwood Lake- A bunch of people were fishing here today, mostly near the boat launch. A few others were fishing farther down the lake. The edges are hard and the lake is a mix of hard bubbled black ice and hard white ice. We measured 4- 4.5" inches here. On the opposite side, off of Lake Drive, we found 4-5". Again a mix of hard bubbled black ice and hard white ice. The CV Anglers Ice tournament is scheduled for next Saturday, February 8th

Hills Creek Lake- A few groups of anglers were fishing off of the Pines Launch today, some in the deeper water and some back towards the stumps. The edges are good and the ice has hardened some. However, the ice near the stumps end is still thinner, weaker ice. There are spots of mostly hard white ice here. The ice off the Pines launch is in better shape consisting of a mi of bubbled black and hard white ice.. We measured 3.5-4.5" off of the stumps launch and 4.5- 5.25 off of the Pines launch.

Wherever you go, good luck and be safe out there. Always check conditions yourself before venturing onto the ice.

We will be open 6AM-6PM all weekend for all of your live bait and ice fishing tackle needs.