2/7/2020 Heavy snow across the region. Beechwood tournament postponed. Tioga County Ice Update | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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2/7/2020 Tioga County Ice Report

Pics and more can be found on our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/

The snow has mostly stopped and the roads are getting cleaned up now. Across the country, we received around 6-8 inches. Possibly more or less in some spots, especially with the drifts. Snow on the lakes can hide bad spots, and the weight is forcing water onto the ice from old holes, leaving slushy conditions in spots, particularly on the edges. When looking at the measurement pictures, it is important to note that these are showing roughly 1" of water on top of the ice too. As always, these reports are for your reference only. Check conditions yourself before heading out onto the ice.

Hamilton Lake- Hamilton has risen a few feet and the boat launch area is no good. The creek channel opened up by the dock and broke up the ice surrounding it. The edges are all wet and slushy. We did not check conditions, and it will be tough getting on the ice for a few days until this either refreezes or water levels come down. We will try to check again tomorrow afternoon.

Beechwood Lake- We were here this morning just as the storm was coming in and the edge at the boat launch is very soft/soggy. Past that, the ice was harder, but there are still thin spots. We measured anywhere from about 3.5 to almost 5 inches. Again, you will see slush and water on top in spots. A few people fished this today. Be aware that snow will hide thin ice. ALWAYS use a spud and check conditions if you venture out. Again, the Beechwood tournament has been rescheduled until Feb 22nd.

Hills Creek- We stopped here a few hours ago and accessed the ice at the Pines launch. Here, the first 5 feet of ice is covered in slush. You will see water coming out of old holes and other wet spots on the lake. Here we measured 4"-4.25" of ice. We did not get a chance to check the stumps end, however, this area did have thinner ice earlier in the week. Again, use a spud bar to and always check conditions. Stay away from areas of incoming water.

Cold temperatures will help some tonight and temps are good through the weekend. Check back for more updates

Good luck and be safe out there.

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