2/14/2020 Tioga County Ice Update- Anglers fishing on Hamilton, Beechwood, and Hills Creek. Better conditions with cold temps | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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2/14/2020 Tioga County Ice Report

Pictures and more on our facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/

Finally, cold weather has settled in for a little while and all of the slush has stiffened up on the local lakes. Some areas have spotty thin snow cover, and other areas are bare ice. Cleats will be a good idea wherever you go. Still, with the freeze-thaw pattern this year, ALWAYS make sure to check the ice yourself and be aware of your surrounding. These reports are for your reference only.

Beechwood Lake- The edges have tightened up and there is no slush on the lake. There is a light coating of snow. We accessed the ice off the boat ramp, working diagonally out towards the middle of the lake. We measured 6-6.5" here with the top 2 inches being hard, frozen slush. The CV Anglers tournament is scheduled for Feb 22nd.

Hills Creek Lake- Edges were good at both launches. The edge right at the stumps end boat launch was broken, but should refreeze tonight. A few people were fishing the stumps and we measured 5-6", again with the top 2 inches being hard frozen slush. At the Pines launch, we found slightly thicker ice, measuring 6-6.5" with the top 1-2" being hard frozen slush.

Hamilton Lake- As of 5PM, the boat launch area has open water and it is refreezing. With temps hitting near 0 tonight, this will likely freeze over completely. Stay away from here and access the ice at the dam end. Here, the ice is in much better shape and we measured about 8" with about 6" of black ice. Because of the open water at the boat launch and safety concerns, the Hamilton Lake ice fishing tournament scheduled for tomorrow was cancelled

People have been fishing Nessmuk, however we did not have time to check this today. Conditions have improved here as well since our last report. Please remember this lake is under Catch & release regulations currently.

Wherever you go, good luck and be safe out there.