2/21 Ice in Good shape heading into the weekend. Anglers fishing on all of the lakes | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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It's been a busy week on the ice with anglers hitting most of the lakes in Tioga County, and Lyman Run.  Thickness varies lake to lake, and you will still find thin spots, but all are in fishable condition wtih 5-8"+ of ice.  Good cold temperatures these past few days have been a big help.  Still, with the warmer days in the earlier part of the week, its important to stay away from areas of inflowing water.  The Boat launch area at Hamilton Lake still has thin ice.  Access is better on the dam end.  Similarly, on Hammond Lake, the creek channel on the upper end is open or very thin.

People have been fishing both Hammond and Cowanesque.  Keep in mind that these lakes freeze differently and much more inconsistently.  Thin spots and large cracks are likely here. A spud bar is a must when heading out onto these lakes especially.

Fishing has been steady across the board.  Evenings are fishing best with anglers catching decent crappies and bluegills.  Various jig colors have been productive, but wonderbread and chartruese continue to the be the best sellers.  Waxworms, maggots, and fathead minnows are all working for panfish and trout.  Pickerel and bass are being caught mostly on live shiners.


Good luck and be safe out there.  ALWAYS check conditions yourself before heading out onto the ice.