2/28/2020 Tioga County Ice Report- Hills Creek and Beechwood fishable. | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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2/28/2020 Tioga County Ice Report


Pics and more available on our facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/

Cold weather to finish out the week is helping maintain decent ice conditions in the area. With rain and warm weather settling in next week, this is likely our last weekend on this ice. These reports are for your reference only. Always check conditions yourself before heading out onto the ice!

Hills Creek Lake- A few people were out fishing today. We started at the Pines launch and found solid edges and 5-5.5" of ice. At the beaver huts launch (stumps end), the edge at the launch is sloppy and thin, but we were able to get on and found just under 5" up to 5.5" of ice here too. With the warmer weather early in the week, stay away from the backs of the coves and swampy areas with incoming water. Cleats will be a must this weekend. The ice is mostly bare. The ice is a mix of roughly 2/3 black ice and 1/3 hard white ice.

Beechwood- There was a few people fishing here today too, and the wind was blowing hard. The edge at the boat launch is sloppy, but again, we get on without much trouble. Cold weather tonight should help firm this up some too. The ice is in good shape with 7-8", with the top few inches being hard white ice. Here too the ice is mostly bare

Hamilton- Unfortunately, the water has come up again and the edges have eroded around the lake. Even with the cold weather today/tomorrow, it is unlikely to be fishable this weekend.

Good luck and be safe out there. Stop in and see us before hitting the ice!