3/13 Lots of people out and about this weekend. | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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3/13 Lots of people out and about this weekend.  Water temperatures are between 41 and 45 on the local lakes.  Temps should continue to improve this week.  We have had a few reports of perch on Hills Creek and crappies on Hammond.  Please note that Tioga Lake will not be open until April 1st!!  Hammond and Cowanesque are both open though.  Rains earlier this week muddied up the two lakes and likely this is contributing to a tougher bite.  A few people also fished the spillways for panfish.  No report back on the bite.  

A few people hit Beechwood this week and noted the panfish bite was very slow, but they did have fun catching recently stocked trout!  Please remember to release  any trout you catch!  In talking with customers, I'm finding out that  many people are still unaware of the change in regulations a few years ago.  Take a minute and flip through your regulation book or the PFBC website.  Hamilton, Beechwood, Lyman Run, and Little Pine Lakes are all under the 'year round trout fishing' regulation.  This means you can fish the lakes year round, but trout season closes at the end of February, like it does on all the approved trout waters.  You cannot keep trout until opening day, April 16th.  For more info check out the PFBC website here- http://fishandboat.com/fishpub/summary/yearround.html 

Good luck out there! Enjoy this great weather.