6/11/2020 Bass season opens this weekend! Bluegills spawning. Streams low and clear. Tioga County Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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The big news heading into this weekend is the opening of bass season.  With this, comes the start of the tournament season as well.  As of today, all of the tournaments are a go, however it is best to check with club leaders for any updates or changes in policy and format due to covid restrictions.  For more information on tournament schedules check out Facebook or click on the 'community' tab up above for links to local clubs.

Bass fishing has been very good on most of the lakes.  Hammond and Tioga in particular are fishing very well with anglers catching bass on a variety of soft plastics and crankbaits.  Weeds are coming in nicely this year and these areas are holding good numbers of fish on all of the lakes.  Clarity in both hammond and tioga is very good.  Cowanesques is dirty in the west end, clearing as you head towards the dam.  

Hamilton Lake is VERY low.  Launching a boat is very difficult, if not impossible at the moment.  Canoes and Kayaks will not have an issue. Despite this, fishing from shore has been good.  Bluegills are in shallow spawning and you can have an absolute blast catching them on flies, small jigs or live bait.  If you're looking for a place to take the kids fishing, try the shoreline near the dam.  There are hundreds of bluegills hanging out here and the action will be non-stop for them.  Bass are also working these same areas and can be caught on many different plastics and live baits.  Try a wacky rigged senko in green pumpkin color.  It's simple and will catch fish.

Nessmuk continues to be a popular destination with anglers catching lots of bass, bluegills, and crappies.  Weeds are starting to get thick here.  Topwater frogs or similar baits can be fun on these weed mats.  This lake is still under catch & release regulation.

Hills Creek Lake- Here too, weeds are starting to get pretty thick.  Angers are doing well from kayaks catching a bunch of bass and panfish.  Areas near the dock and dam are fishable from shore and bluegills can be caught in good numbers too.  Topwater frogs and similar weedless baits are good option for bass.

Good luck fishing!  We're open 7 days a week for all of your live bait and tackle needs.  We expect to have shiners in on Friday (tomorrow).  Prices have increased some.  Shiners are in short supply this year and we had to fly them in (yes, fly.  Overnight air freight) from Arkansas to get some.  More people fishing nationwide has been caused increased demand and we will do our best to keep them in stock.  Fatheads, and nightcrawlers are both readily available and we expect to have plenty, as usual.