12/19/2020 First ICE update of the season. Heavy snow throughout county | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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These reports are for your reference only and you should ALWAYS check conditions yourself before venturing onto any ice. Across the county, we are still digging out and clearing the snow. Around 2 feet came down. Fortunately, we had just a skim coating of ice on most of the lakes, and that snow mostly turned to slush and now white ice. This, though, leads to more variable conditions from one spot to the next. Many of the parking areas are still snowed in. We were able to check Hills Creek at the Pines Launch, across from the beach. The beaver huts (stumps end) launch is inaccessible and is still completely covered in snow.
At the Pines launch, we found roughly 1-2" of clear ice on the bottom, with 2-3" of white ice/Frozen slush over top of it. There is currently no snow on the ice. This is weaker ice, though it is a good start and continued cold weather should have the lake in good shape soon. We have a few warmer days coming up, but cold nights should keep the base layer intact.
Continue wishing for cold weather and be safe out there this season. We will report again next week.
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