12/26/2020 Tioga County Ice Update- Heavy Rains/Snowmelt impacts some lakes. Hills Creek in decent shape | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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**12/26/2020 Tioga County Ice Update**
These reports are for your reference only. ALWAYS check conditions yourself before venturing onto any frozen body of water. Like much of the region, we received over 2 inches of rain this week. Coupled with snow melt, many of the lakes and ponds have taken on a lot of water and conditions are likely variable from one spot to the next. Areas with incoming water will likely be thinner and potentially dangerous too. Use a spud
Hills Creek faired decent and the lake appears to only be up a little bit. We found about 5"-5.5" of ice in front of the Pines Launch and hard, but thinner edges. The ice is roughly 50/50 black ice and hard white ice. Ice at the stumps end was slightly thinner measuring just under to just over 5" in the few holes we drilled. Here too, there is a mix of a few inches of black ice and a few inches of hard white ice. Good cold temps through tomorrow will continue to build more ice. The water is off color on the stumps end and appeared murkier in front of the Pines Launch. Big thanks to DCNR, both lots are plowed and stoned. We had no issues accessing either launch. There is very little snow on the ice and it is very slick out there.
Hamilton is up at least 10 feet and both parking lots are very icy. The lake is completely frozen, but very muddy water is pouring out of it. It will be at least a week until this is back to suitable levels.
Beechwood is also completely frozen and it is up a few feet. Water is up over the concrete at the launch. We were unable to safely get past this. We will check again in a few days or so. We did not check anywhere else here.
The Corps lakes are very high and will not be fishable for some time.
Good luck and be safe out there. We cannot stress enough the importance of safety gear. Always carry a spud bar and check conditions yourself before heading out anywhere
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