1/7/2021 Tioga County Ice Update- Anglers fishing Hills Creek, Beechwood, Hamilton, Nessmuk Lakes | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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1/7/2021 **Tioga County ICE Update**
It's a beautiful day in Tioga County with people fishing on Hills Creek, Beechwood, Hamilton, and Nessmuk Lakes. We checked out Hammond too and the lake is partially frozen, but water levels are still up some and the access areas are still closed. We'll check back again in a week or so. There is a few inches of snow on all of the lakes. These reports are for your reference only. ALWAYS check conditions yourself before heading out.
Hills Creek- Quite a few people have been fishing here. Today, people were out on the stumps end and down around the dock and the dam. We found 7-7.5" of ice on the stumps end made up of about half white ice and half black ice.
Hamilton- Water levels are back down and the water has cleared up nicely. The parking lot by the dam is icy, but we were able to get in and out without much issue in a truck. There are still large ice sheets along the banks making access to the lake a little tricky, but we had no issues walking on near the dam end. We measured about 7-7.5" here with roughly 4" of black ice and 3" of white ice on top. There was still thin ice/open water by the dock. We did not check ice here.
Beechwood- A few groups were out fishing near the dock and on the far side of the lake. We had no issues accessing the ice at the dock. Here ice measured about 6-6.5" with about 5" of clear ice and an inch of white ice.
Nessmuk- **Please note this is still catch & release ONLY** The parking lot is slick, but we didn't have issues getting in or out. Access at the dock was no problem and we measured about 7.5" of ice with about a 50/50 mix of black/white ice.
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