1/21/2021 Tioga County ICE Update- More cold weather- Anglers fishing Hills Creek, Hamilton, Nessmuk, Beechwood | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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1/21/2021 **Tioga County ICE Update**
Good cold weather has moved into the area and the smaller lakes are looking gooded as we look towards the weekend. People were fishing most of the lakes today. Accessing the ice was no problem on Hills Creek, Hamilton, Nessmuk, and Beechwood. The larger lakes are partially frozen with spots of open water and variable conditions. Snow cover is minimal. These reports are for your reference only. Always check conditions yourself before heading out fishing.
Beechwood Lake- A few people were fishing and here we measured roughly 8.5" off of the boat launch area. Water clarity looks good
Cowanesque Lake- The upper end is open in spots and skimmed over in other spots. The lake is frozen from about the first set of no wake buoys down to the last recreation area towards the dam. We measured just under 6" at the south shore boat launch. With the high water and warmer weather a few weeks ago, this ice will be highly variable from one spot to the net. Clarity looked decent at the launch. Water coming out of the lake still looks dirty
Hammond Lake- Hammond is roughly half open and half frozen. The gates are closed to both boat launch areas. We did not drill any holes on the lake.
Hills Creek Lake- Hills is in good shape still with about 9" of ice. People have been fishing everywhere on the lake. Accessing the ice was easy and the parking lots are in good shape. Water still appears slightly murky.
Hamilton Lake- The dam end parking lot is still icy. Be careful getting in and out. On this end of the lake, we found about 9" of ice. The upper end is still open right at the dock, but much of it has skimmed over. We were able to get on here too, by going to the right of the dock. The ice is thinner in this area. We measured about 6". The newest ice is easy to see with no snow cover. If we get a little snow, this will all be hidden and potentially dangerous. Spud your way around this area. Access on the dam end was no problem.
Nessmuk- The parking lot at the boat launch is VERY icy. Anglers have been accessing the lake off both the dam end and the boat launch. We found about 9" of ice off the launch area.
Good Luck and be safe out there. We look forward to seeing you at Tackle Shack. Tackle Shack is open 7 days a week for all of your ice fishing needs.