3/4/21 Tioga County Ice Update! One more weekend of ice fishing! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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**3/4/21 Tioga County Ice Report**
It's been a great ice season and it looks like we will get at least one more weekend out there before conditions start to deteriorate. Please note these conditions can change quickly this time of the year with warm, longer days, especially with a warm rain. These reports are for your reference only. Be sure to check yourself before heading out onto the lakes.
There is only a dusting of snow and most of the ice is bare. The snow/slush has completely melted and refroze. Across all of the lakes, expect slippery conditions. Don't forget your cleats!
Beechwood- Edges are solid and we measured about 15" off the boat launch. This is roughly a 50/50 mix of black and white ice with the upper 1/3 or so being a ice/refrozen melted snow/slush.
Hills Creek- A few people were fishing around the stumps end. We stopped at the Pines launch and found about 14", again a mix of black/white, but overall in good shape. Edge was solid.
Hamilton- The Borough was there fixing the dock. The creek has melted away some of the ice in that area. The shoreline is very soft here. We did not attempt to get on, but there is a visible change in the ice about 10-12 feet off shore. Some of this could tighten up with the colder nights. Off the dam end, the edge was in good shape and we had no trouble getting on. Here we found about 15" of ice in similar condition as the other lakes. People have been fishing here this week.
Nessmuk- A few people were out. We stopped at the boat launch and the edge was solid. Here we marked about 14" of ice in similar shape.
This will be our last ice report of the season. We appreciate your support and look forward to the upcoming spring and summer fishing.
Good luck and be safe out there.
Pictures and more can be found on our facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack