1/11/2022 First Ice is Here! Tioga County Ice Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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These reports are for your reference only. ALWAYS check conditions yourself before venturing onto the ice. With the warmer weather earlier this month, and high winds this past week, the lakes are not freezing uniformly. There are spots of thinner and newer ice on all of the lakes. A thin blanket of snow in some places is slowing the ice building, however conditions should only continue to improve throughout this week and through the rest of the month. Please read the full post and picture captions for a better idea of the current shape of the lakes.
Beechwood- High winds are keeping small patches of water open around the middle of the lake and closer to the dam. With single digit temps today and tonight, these will likely lock up soon, however, this new ice will be hard to spot, especially if we get any more snow. There is roughly 5" of mostly clear ice off the boat launch with a hard edge, but this tapers to thinner ice then open water towards the center. We did not check the back side. This area was frozen last week too though.
Hills Creek State Park- A few people were fishing today. The lake is completely frozen with a thin blanket of snow on top in most areas. Edges are hard and we measured roughly 3.5-3.75" of clear ice off the stumps end and just under 4" off the Pines launch. Again, this lake likely has spots of thinner ice, especially in the coves and around the dam.
Hamilton Lake- The lake has frozen completely solid since Friday. We did not check on the dam end. There is a noticeable change in color where the new ice formed between the dam and the original ice sheet. There is very little snow on the lake. The boat launch area is solid and we found roughly 5" to the right of the dock. Here too, expect areas of thinner ice along the opposite bank.
Nessmuk Lake- A few people were fishing today here today. The lake has completely frozen and the edges are solid. The newest ice is along the road side and in a few small spots near the dam. These areas were partially open on Friday. We accessed the ice off the dam end and found roughly 4" of clear ice. Similarly, we marked just over 4" of ice near the dock.
Hammond Lake- Hammond is mostly frozen, except for a patch in front of the campground boat launch. We did not check conditions, but this should freeze up completely soon.
Good luck and be safe out there. We will update again later this week, probably Friday.
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