1/21/2022 Tioga County ICE Update | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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These reports are for your reference only. ALWAYS check conditions yourself before venturing onto the ice. The lakes are not frozen uniformly due to warmer weather earlier in the month and heavy snow recently. There are spots of thinner and newer ice on all of the lakes. Please note too, that there is varying levels of snow on all of the lakes. Some areas are bare, some are 4-6 inches deep or so. Because of this, expect to see water on the ice in some areas after drilling your holes. This can be seen in some of our pictures. Measurement pictures include roughly 1-1.5 inches of water on top on some of the lakes. This will be noted in the captions. Snow is keeping some areas from building ice quickly too.
Beechwood- There is quite a bit of snow on the lake and the open patches are all frozen. These areas should continue to thicken, but be aware that there is likely thin ice around the middle of the lake. Off the boat launch, there 6.5-7" of ice. A few people were fishing today
Cowanesque- Cowanesque is finally fully iced up. Access from the launch was easy, but there is a lot of snow. There is roughly 7" of ice at the South Shore launch. Areas in the middle of the lake and towards the dam were the last to freeze
Hammond Lake- Hammond is also completely frozen. There is little snow off the camper's bought launch and we marked a consistent 7" of ice. Spud your way around if you fish here, there is spots of newer ice that will be thinner, plus refrozen cracked sheets.
Hills Creek Lake- A few people were fishing around the middle of the lake. There's about 4-5" of snow on the lake and 6-7" of good clear ice off the stumps end. Anglers have been fishing the whole lake lately.
Hamilton Lake- A few people were fishing around the middle of the lake. The parking lots are all plowed and easily accessible now. there is roughly 8" of ice near the boat launch. Expect it to be a few inches thinner closer to the dam.
Nessmuk- There was a bunch of people here today and ice at the boat launch measured just under 10" Snow has blown and drifted here too.
Good luck and be safe out there.