2/25/2022 Tioga County ICE Update- We should have a few more weeks of ice fishing still! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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**2/25/2022 Tioga County ICE Update**
These reports are for your reference ONLY. Always check conditions yourself before venturing onto the ice. With recent warmups and rain, conditions are likely to be variable across all of the lakes. Last night/this morning this area got a few inches of a sleet/slush mix. Some snow is still expected. This can hide potentially dangerous spots, particularly in areas with inflowing water.
Hills Creek- A few people were on Hills today. Edges are mostly hard and access was easy at both launches. The stumps end launch is a little sloppy in one spot, but this should tighten up too over the next few days. The water is slightly stained. We measured about 12" of ice.
Nessmuk-The edge at the boat launch is still a little soft, but we were able to access the ice here. There is a lot of debris on the lake from the rain last week. It is a good idea to move the slush/snow before drilling your holes to avoid ruining the auger blades. The water appears to have cleared up nicely. We measured roughly 11 inches of ice. There was some wet looking spots on the lake. These could be old holes that opened up and are still refreezing. Similar soft ice is visible on the road side edges and in spots near the dam
Beechwood- The water is still up a little and the boat launch is sloppy, but we were able to access the ice without much issue to the left of the ramp. Here too, you can see some wet spots on the lake and spots on the edges have thinner/soft ice. Fifty feet or so off the boat ramp, we measured roughly 12" of ice.
Hamilton Lake- Hamilton is still up a little and the edges are soft. We did not attempt to get on the lake. There is some open water at the dock and dirty water is still coming out of the lake. This could be fishable again after another cold night or two. We will check back sometime this weekend.
Good luck and be safe out there. We should have a few more weeks of ice fishing here in Tioga County! Tackle Shack is open 7 days a week for all of your fishing needs! Ice fishing sales are going on now too.  Pictures and more can be found on our facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/wellsborotackleshack/photos/pcb.10159612019610629/10159612012195629/