4/21/16 Crappie Bite picking up. Nice trout being caught too | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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4/21 Cooler nights are preventing water temperatures from climbing to the 'ideal' range, but fishing improved greatly these last few days.  Crappies are starting to be caught in decent numbers, mostly late in the afternoon and into the night.  Warm days are helping turn the bite on late in the day.  Yesterday, a variety of  jigs and live minnows were working on Hammond and Tioga.  No one is catching huge numbers of fish yet, but most of the ones being caught are larger black crappies.  Target areas around the dropoffs and brush piles and you should find some fish.  Some are being caught off the campground boat launch and around the mouth of Crooked Creek.  The fish are keyed in on small baits right now.  Trout Magnets, Cubby Mini Mites, and small hair or feather jigs are working the best.  Black, black/white, Chartruese, and watermelon jigs were the most popular colors.  Crappies are just starting to trickle into Mill Bay on Tioga.  Most are holding out in the deeper water yet, suspended on downed trees and brush piles.  Few reports from Cowanesque these last few days, though I would expect a similar report.

Anglers also found crappies on Hamilton and Hills Creek.  Live minnows or waxworms under a float worked best . Again, most the fish are biting best in the late afternoon and into the evening.  The schools are very mobile and catching a bunch of them has been tough.  Either move and keep up with the schools, or wait patiently and they will come back.  Some nice perch are still in the mix too.  The perch are spawned out.

Trout fishing has been good this week too with nice trout being caught in the lakes and streams.  Many of the local streams were/are being restocked this week.  Pine continues to flow at a nice level and temperatures are between 51 and 54.  Live minnows, waxworms, and butterworms, have all worked well.  Silver, Gold, Pink, and trout colored spinners and stickbaits are also producing.  Fly hatches have been light the last few days, but a few Quill Gordons and a number of caddis are still on the water.  A few more rising fish were seen on upper Pine these last few days, but still nymphing and stripping streamers has been more effective.