4/26/16 Hammond Lake Crappie Update- Spawn likely starts late this week. | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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4/26 We fished Hammond for a few hours last night and found mostly big black crappies again, but a slower bite.  Friends reported a better bite at day break and things slowed by late afternoon, likely due to the cold, storm front moving in.  Boaters reported water temps between 58 and 59.5, but a cold rain overnight likely dropped temps back to the mid 50's.  We kept a handful of fish and the females are close to ready.  Likely next weekend they will move in to spawn. Once this front moves through, temps should start rising again.  Right now, they are still very mobile.  We would catch a few or atleast have a few hits, then they would be gone.  15 or 20 minutes later, they'd come back through again.  Also in the mix are decent numbers of big bluegills and perch.  Perch varied from 7-12 inches.  

Threw a few on the grill too and they sure were tasty!